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Table of Contents – The Insights

Insights – Intuition – Perception
A-    Angels     Armor of God       Don’t Be Anxious    

B-          Be A Blessing       Book of Life        Bible’s Power            Bible Studies     Blasphemy Part #2     The Battle of Faith     The Bible Speak     Bible Speaks the Truth

C-     Christianity is Relationship, Responsibility, and Accountability.      The Christians Today      Catholic Christians Defined     Catholic Evangelical Defined        What is the Church?       One True Church       Confusion of Tongues      

D- Debt According to the Scriptures      

E- Enlightened Mind & Heart     Enemies of Faith  

F- Faith in Healing    Be Strong in Faith    Faith, Hope, and Love  

G- God’s Way    God Saves   Gift of Help   Gift Of Life       Grafting       To Please God       Gift of Prophecy    

H-     Humility Pleases God   Healing Power of God        Hypocrisy        Honor Your Parents        Happy Heart- Happy Love life        Two Heads Are Better Than One

Questions:   Can we lose our Salvation?   Is Jesus the only way?   Once saved, are they always saved?  

J-       The Promise: Jeremiah    

K-       Christianity is part of the Kingdom.    The Kings and Priests        Keys to Successful Christian Living    

L-       Life Is Much Better With God      
M-     Meditation     Be Mindful      Money-Financial Wellness        Measurement of Faith     This is the Story of My Mom        

P- Prejudices       Prayer       Predestination       Prosperity       Prayer of Faith       Do we need the correct posture to pray?       Prayer By Heart       Planet  

S- Sin – Lesser and Severe       Share the Blessings       Spiritual Death       Reference to Spiritual Salvation  

T- Tithes Under Grace       Tithings during Pandemic       Difference Between Tithes and Offering  

W- We need God          Walking in God’s Path          Two Witnesses of Revelation          When the World Stood Still  

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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