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Enlightened Mind Corrected 6/28/2020

An enlightened mind frees us from many negative thoughts because it defuncts anything that can hurt a person direct or indirectly, the environment, love of money, supporters of violent movies, corrupt politicians, lustrous desire.  Even in a fallen state, if we believe we can make the world a better place to live for the coming generation, we should prepare a loving and caring world that they can enjoy, a  peaceful living, no vices like alcohol, illegal drugs, smoking, gambling and the like.  If we keep our minds busy during our free time thinking good things it may bring good results.  These good things in mind can influence our heart to be more compassionate to the welfare of less fortunate people and more focus on righteous living. Confidence helps our walk-in Christian living, but too much may also lead to arrogance.

An enlightened heart is more focused on doing what the word dictates. It tells us to develop a great relationship with the Father and Son and the Holy Spirit, to respect others as we respect ourselves; to do our own business before we tell others to do theirs.   Hypocrisy can bring destruction to a Christian and can spring arrogance, self-righteousness and a mindset not to listen to anyone below his standards.  An enlightened heart can lift up our spirit and inspire us to do more work for the glory of God.  If you believe in your heart that God will never leave you nor forsake you, then your faith is in line with your confidence and trustworthiness. What more could you ask for when you already have it all?   What is more than enough when you don’t even know how to use it?

An enlightened mind with an enlightened heart is an achievement that every minister of the good news must have,  delivered to us by the Son Jesus which is a treasure that only the Father of all glory can provide.  Many have fallen and more is falling because of the doctrine that replaces the Father with the Son.  With an enlightened mind and heart, we must know who is talking and must understand what he is saying.  Many popular preachers cannot change the idea or context of their message even though the truth of the good news is already on their hands.   Are they worried about losing their members that will have a big impact in their pockets? 

Once you follow the word of God in John 3:16 you are good,  eligible, and justified to be saved.  It does not stop in justification by faith alone.  We have to continue the work of the Holy Spirit the whole nine yards of our journey.  After accepting that Jesus is the Son of God, we have to continue to fight a good fight of faith and the battle must always be in our mind.  As Pope Paul II in one of his homily back in 2012, he said that purgatory is not a place as many Catholic Christians believe.   It is a process of sanctification.  Being rooted in any doctrine, it is hard to find a way out for one reason, which is  “fear”.  This is the biggest fight you will ever encounter in your spirituality.  It is not easy but you can make it. 

Not everything we heard from the church (People) gatherings are true;  not all that glitters are genuine; not all news is good, as well as there is much fake news.  If you believe that someone can make you an overnight millionaire just look who is talking.  Our mind is so powerful that it can move mountains of doubts but our heart can settle any single doubt.  Our minds can win the battle of the minds but our hearts can win a war.  Our minds can shout out loud to get the distraction out of the way, but our hearts will close its door to prevent distractions.  These are two different parts of the body but function differently and will end in unison to be a victory in any way we can. God listens to our minds but looks into our hearts. 

God bless everyone.  May this insight brings you to glorify God and lift Him up to our heart desires.  May the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit continue to guide and protect our whole family with a healthy mind and heart, and may His blessings pour abundantly from our head down to our toes.  We humbly submit to your wholeness and fullness. 

Bishop Joseph

Dr. Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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