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Life Without God

Life without God is living in emptiness. It feels like being abandoned in darkness, being treated like the wickedest among the wicked, being oppressed and forgotten, and losing the opportunity to live peacefully and joyfully. There are no promises or guarantees to live a meaningful life, nor do they have hope of being inspired to have a better future. These things occur because of the absence of knowledge of living in abundance and a lack of understanding of how God works in our lives. Life seems futile because, without God, we do not know what the future will bring, but with God, He will provide wisdom. Without God, we would not know where we are going, but with God, heaven is just around the corner.

Life without God is without wisdom and the presence of the Spirit of God. We may have wealth, but we may not be able to enjoy it because of a lack of inspired words. We may have money to buy many things, but how good would it be if it’s temporary and we cannot bring it when we die? A life devoted to material things is a dead life. When you trust in your money, you love its value, which is the root of all evil. When it goes down, you also go down! Trusting God is loving God. It is the only way to flourish and never get withered like leaves in springtime. (Proverbs 11:28)

Life, in general, has many uncertainties, like farmers who expect a good harvest only to be devastated by a typhoon destroying the crops. We may have saved money for a big vacation, but in an instant, the bank goes bankrupt. In another situation, a group raised funds to build their building, but the treasurer took the money and ran away. People can have good pleasure for many days, months, or even years, but there is no such thing as everlasting pleasure. When we talk about everlasting, we are talking about eternal life; when we talk about eternal life, we are talking about pleasure with God. Like in the stock market, we don’t know how much happiness it will bring us when we make money versus the pain when we lose if the market goes down. It is hard to determine because we do not know how much luck we will get when we gamble. After all, sometimes the chances of winning are very slim. God does not give luck to those who want it but blessings to those who need it. Do we want it to have fun, or do we need it for necessity? Having God with us, we are already winners. God gives blessings to those who acknowledge and need His presence every day in their lives.

King Solomon suggested that life without God has no purpose or mission to accomplish and no hope that produces faith. People are worthless when it comes to denying the existence of God and not allowing His Holy Spirit to dwell within them. People apart from God, humans are nothing compared to those seekers of God’s face, who will eventually shine upon them to compensate for their spiritual hunger. The emptiness of their hearts will eventually filled with His wholeness and richness. Matthew 5:6, Blessed are those who hunger. And thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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