Book of Life

Everything we do here on earth is all written in the book of life which is being kept in the Holy of Holies.  When the time comes to open the book, our conscience will testify to everything listed in the book that will be read In front of us.  All the sins we have committed will be accounted for and the sins that were not forgiven will be compared to the good work we have done here on earth.  At the end of the testimony of our conscience and we end up unclear of any sin, the Father, as the only judge will look into our hearts.

 No one in heaven and on earth is worthy to open the book which contains God’s purpose and will of the forthcoming kingdom (government) on earth.  It’s only Jesus Christ the only one worthy to open the book; the faithful witness, also referred to as both the “Lion and the Lamb” is proven worthy to open the scroll. Read: Revelation 5: 1-14

The souls that win the heart of God will be sanctified and lifted to be clothed with a glorious body and the angels will open up the curtain of heaven in celebration of reclaiming the glory that was lost.  This will be followed by the crowning of the King of the Earth and His kings. Those that did not make it this far will remain as priests to continue the work of the church, which is us in the new earth and the new heaven, and human will continue to exist with everlasting life and joy forevermore, no religion and possession to fight for. No lies, deceit, and temptations to worry. Life will be back to perfection as intended when God the Father Almighty creates mankind. Priests and Kings sharing the kingdom of heaven.

Our Father, the Supreme overseer will be in higher heavens with His Son, seated on His throne, and will rule the earth. This time we will be able to know what is being called, being chosen, and being elect as the Book of Life close the last chapter of the love letter of the Father to His children.  No one will perish except those that are predestined and never recovered from sins.  If only they would have believed that our Father Almighty doesn’t change His mind and does what He said, they could have changed their own circumstances by acknowledging the One true God that His existence is beyond compare. With the new earth and new heavens, everything will be everlasting joy. No past to look back, no present to work to survive and no future to dream of. Everything works for the glory of the Father.

Bishop Joseph

Dr. Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus
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