God’s Way

God will make a way.

War breeds peace for humans to continue to flourish. When God sent the flood to wipe out civilization, He didn’t destroy the existence of human beings and yet replenished it with a new generation of supposed-to-be peace-loving people. The weakness of the flesh is sin. We are always short of the glory of God, and the penalty for sin is death. Death is the most fearful end of life. Do you know where our destination is after this life? Heaven, or hell, or you don’t know.

When we say in heaven, it means that we did many good things on Earth to be there, but if we let our flesh run its ways, it means we didn’t do anything; hell is indeed the destination. Our human nature dictates that we are sinners and short of the glory of God; how are we going to heaven if we stay a sinner? If we don’t change our behavior to be closer to God, we are not hoping for heaven as our destination. When we feel God’s presence, we should also feel the environment of heaven. God can make you feel what heaven is when you decide to make a U-turn.

Remember that God will always have a way for us if we cannot find the right way. That is how much He cares and loves us. Can we make a U-turn now to please the Father God?

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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