Prayer is our way of communicating with our LORD.

When we pray, especially in public ( church service, prayer meetings, Sunday school) with flowery and flattery words and way too long, it makes the listeners lose their focus and start to dislike the person’s way of praying, such as prayer with many scriptures and repetitive prayers that become redundant. When we are involved in church leadership, we want to avoid the pitfall of dragging the hearers out of focus and start looking at the ceiling or people’s faces to see if they have reactions.

There are many modified prayers, but we must follow the Lord’s Prayer as a foundation. It is short but full of grace. Jesus’ prayer concerns the Father, His holy kingdom, our needs, forgiveness, guidance, and protection. All of the above with one simple prayer: All we need is to pray by heart.

If you want to glorify God and have a personal request, do it the right way as the Bible says: go to your secret room (less distracted room), and talk to God humbly and in complete submission (with a purified and contrite heart).

Remember, your relationship is between you and God, and you should know by knowing how you are to Him and how He is to you. If you don’t feel anything of His presence at that time of prayer, maybe you are still missing something that He needs you to do or change.

We must separate the prayer of wants and needs. Prayer of wants sometimes must come with the work of our hands. While we need it, we can leave it to Him as a great provider; He will do what He promised, and on our part, we need patience; He answers prayer, His ways, and time.

God is our all in all.

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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