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Introduction: Spending Time With God

Introduction to spending time with God.

We spend so much time traveling, chatting, and sometimes even our problems we choose friends first to know before our Family. Your friends know almost everything about our adulthood better than our Family, specifically our parents, who want to be on top of everything about us; they are the first to get hurt when they hear about our failures, married life, friendship, and jobs which we should consider to know first. Whether we are failures or flourishing in our chosen life, our parents want to be part of it. Nothing in this world is permanent. Our friends cannot be our friends forever. They don’t last, especially when they start raising a family. Family is a gift from God. Spending time with them will be like a foundation you unintentionally built that they can pass on to their kids, nephews/nieces.

It is like spending time with God; He is happy when we ask Him for something. He wants us to depend on Him, call Him, and even say a thanksgiving prayer or say good morning, Father in heaven. Let us make it a habit to praise and talk to God regularly. We must establish our relationship with God by obeying His will. Jesus said that the Father is more significant than him (John 14:28). Jesus also said that the kingdom of God has arrived and confirmed in the gospel of Luke 17:21 that the kingdom is “within you!” What does Jesus mean about this passage? He wants us to recognize the Father before him.

God wants to show His glory through us. It does not matter if we fully know or not the Scripture. Sharing God’s goodness in our lives is more than enough than memorizing all the written word and not doing it. Sharing God’s word is spending time with Him. We can talk to God about anything and everything we choose, any day, time, and place, so the focus is on Him alone. Father is a good listener and solution provider for any issues submitted to Him by His children, who always trust him. Spending time with God is necessary. 

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Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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