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Meditation has its foundation in ancient philosophy that continues to grow in popularity into present-day contemporary literature and practices.

Meditation affects the spiritual, mental, and physical, thus influencing people’s decisions, desires, and actions. This ultimately leads to the recreation of an individual’s character. In addition, there are power and science in Meditation: the energy generated from head to toe, followed by a component of complex vibration, and the development of heat and light energy during Meditation. All these are indications of Meditation’s power when practiced correctly.

Three essential elements to fully engage oneself in Meditation are wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. In addition, contemplation and mental exercises are necessary to perfect the process. Finally, controlling the mind and body is a fundamental step or a preference to lead concentration your way.

A healthy mind will have a healthy body. Healthy lungs will generate healthy breathing. Breathing controls the energy of the body during Meditation. A clear mind will allow for clarity of thought, thus blocking negative behavior and preventing past issues from interfering with the process. When an individual is physically relaxed, the brain transmits the anticipated concentration more clearly and without blockage.

Concentration must be free from mental distress or agitation, fear or worries, and no environmental interferences that would break meditational focus. In addition, proper arrangement and position of the body are necessary. For example, it is advisable to do Meditation in a sitting place. This will lessen the human body’s tendency to fall asleep during a relaxed phase. Finally, although the relaxation of the body is a crucial component of Meditation, the mind must remain sharp and alert because Meditation requires a conscious state of mind.

Meditati” n is “a private devotion or mental exercise consisting of numerous techniques of concentration, contemplation, and abstraction conducive to heightened spiritual awareness or somatic calm. Britannica Micropeadia stated, “Meditation is a practice that benefits mind, body, and spirit. Through inner exploration, Meditation awakens creativity, healing, and transformation.

When you do Meditation, you do yourself a big favor; it can reduce your stress, help you gain calmness, enjoy every minute you are in a trance, and strengthen and regenerate a more incredible belief system. Your relationship with the Father and The Son is one that you have never experienced before. You may feel that they are by your side. Jesus, who showed us the way, delivered the truth of the Word and gave us a new life by being a new creation born from above.

To make your Meditation successful, you need quiet surroundings, no distractions, even from your pets, and full of spirit. Consciousness, wellness, and cleansing of the mind through a more profound form of Meditation can be achieved with the help of our faith system, and you can check duality as you go in the middle of the trance. Ei” Stein said: “Intelligence is not measured by the knowledge you acquired but how big your “imagination.” Therefore, imagination plays a vital role in Meditation.

Start your Meditation by thinking about God our Father, Jesus The Son, and yourself as being with the Holy Spirit guiding you in the garden: butterflies flying, birds singing, waterfalls, green grass, and friendly animals as in the beginning with Adam.

Now, enjoy the beauty of all these creations.

Close your eyes and start to inhale and exhale, deeper and deeper, and concentrate on your created garden.

Open your eyes, click the music, close your eyes, and continue the garden of joy and tranquility.


Call the name of God, the Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and try to feel the energy. Then, try to handle them one by one.

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