Tithings during Pandemic

Are we obligated to give tithes even during a pandemic crisis? Is pandemic a wakeup call for tithers? What is the truth about tithes?

Tithes or not to tithes, does it matter anymore these days?

What is the truth in giving to rich people playing church, then making ourselves enjoy life and do good things? Does hearing false teaching and not rebuke it makes us an accessory and commit the same sin? Why giving tithes for many years was second to salvation when it comes to preaching?

Fear becomes part of our upbringing in the church and salvation is the front.  You sin you go to hell, you give you get back many folds; you give more, you receive more. You help in fundraising; it doesn’t count on tithes giving.  Giving pledges is the same thing that is like giving on the side.

Why are church leaders, if not most of them are not scared to take advantage of other people’s money?  Even the seniors who are just making not even enough to buy something they like. Why are they not getting advice to keep their social security money and buy what they want?

Seniors are vulnerable and easy to give up with fear implied preaching. Prosperity preaching is in a losing ground for a few years now and they are back to salvation preaching.  It’s too late, as the followers already made them rich and some super-rich, and left them behind when the promised prosperity did not happen. Some remain struggling to make ends meet, some probably still paying their debt and maybe some go bankrupt.

Going to a big church doesn’t mean it gives you more attention from Heaven. Attending a fully decorated church doesn’t mean more abundant blessings. Listen to your heart and the conviction of your conscience and your soul will humbly submit to His Holy Spirit.

When it comes to asking a donation that’s the job of the second-ranking member and when it comes to bringing more new members, that’s the job of the ministry and it involves the members they delegated to lead.

More members’ are coming in the more collections. When it comes to financial matters, only a few know it, but when they are planning something that involves money, they are very transparent. The church’s role is to help the poor and the widows and that is very clearly stated in the Bible. One of the golden rules of the church and when the church has the financial capacity and ignored it, the members can ask, why?

If the church reports that they are helping in giving financial aid to others, it’s either a half-truth or some go only to their favorite ministry and not directly to proven missionaries with integrity.

Giving is part of our godly work and it doesn’t need to be a brain scientist to figure out how you can do it. The Bible said to help your relative that is in need before anyone else or you are worse than unbelievers.

Relatives help their relatives that are the main point. Imagine when you help a relative to finish school and that relative got a job and does the same thing; that is godly work.

There is a saying: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” If you give a man food for his hungry stomach he will be hungry again and you may see him again. Feeding the poor as a mission will not change their world but teach them how to acquire some skill will.

With this pandemic, many lost their jobs. Does your church extend its helping hand to help the members in need? That is what tithes’ purpose during the Old Testament’s Law of Moses to bring the first fruits of the land to the storehouse as their tithes. It has nothing to do with money giving to God. It’s called the law of the harvest.

Back before Moses, Abraham, and his grandson Jacob promised to give tithes but with the condition. Can we give our tithes with condition with our Pastor or Priest? When tough times not only like this pandemic any tougher times; is the church ready to help members temporarily?

Abraham was losing the war; he vowed to give 10% of the spoils of the war if he wins. While Jacob; he asks for food and clothing. “All that you will give me I will surely give the tenth to you.” The tithe was carried over to the church generation (Christian era) with preaching “that Christians are not under the Law of Moses but under grace and yet tithes never ceased in preaching.”

How can someone justify the church not taking any money out of the savings to help the members in this crisis or give up their salaries, one of their mansions, luxury cars? Why with this crisis some churches are still asking for donations? Why churches even bringing lawsuit to the states for distancing policies when it is only protecting the safety of its citizens? Is it about money?

Maybe fear that they might lose members when the members feel more quiet time, comfort, and experience with the presence of God one on one.
How our earth would look like when we help one another?

Does fear of going to hell will be the preaching of the past and it may come to pass and we would not be able to remember what hell means and salvation is as assured as before?

The absence of sadness is happiness, so, the absence of hell is the presence of heaven. Money cannot buy our salvation and our relationship with our LORD Almighty Father, that created us in His image and likeness does.

Our Lord Jesus Christ will be our brother and from his word, he said: “Whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.” When we all live together in one accord and in one spirit, the kingdoms established by the King of kings and Lord of lords will be one United Kingdom, in the new heaven and new earth under the government of God.

May we all turn to God in prayers that this pandemic be defeated sooner and heal our lands. Acknowledge Him as our all in all and He will acknowledge our prayers.

Let us pray:

Father into your hand we submit to you the pain brought by fear by this pandemic, we are sorry for offending you and ask you to forgive us and strengthen us for all these challenges. Let our politicians move by your power to have unity for the good of the country. Protect our loved once, relatives and friends and for others, we include all health responders. Heal our land oh LORD of Host. You alone is our God and no one else besides you. Thank you for everything.

To God be the Glory.


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