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Listeners and Not Doers

It is our mind that decides, and not our heart. The goodness of God is in our hearts and not in our minds. Our minds sometimes put our tongues in trouble when we open our mouths. However, the good thing is when we put God in our minds, we will not lose focus, and when we open our mouths and the spirit speaks, we most likely will bring lost souls to Him, The Almighty God.

The Bible clearly states that no one can serve two masters; either you will hate one or love the other. The Bible also mentions that the love of money is the root of all evil. This has been proven many times, and these are the worldly, materialistic people who are more focused on gaining wealth than gaining the love of God. These people prefer wealth over health. However, when they reach an advanced age, they should have listened to Solomon’s advice “that life without God has no purpose or hope.”

Some leaders do not do what they preach, and they care less about what people say as long as their pockets are happy. Why do they keep disgracing their faith? Did their hearts turn away from the LORD? Is there something they know that we do not know? If these people do not believe in hell, which is why they are enjoying life under the pretense of sin, that is not the eternal happiness that heaven provides.

Suppose we are rooted in a belief passed on to us from our parents, which they inherited from their parents. In that case, it will be a struggle to uproot it, but if we follow our heart’s desire for the truth and not the dictate of our mind that stored fear, we may find ourselves who we are and start feeling the freedom from the bondage of fear.  

We can proclaim ourselves fearless soldiers of the truth and defenders of the accuracy of the word of God. Religion cannot give us the key to heaven, but faith’s defender does. “Faith comes by hearing the word of God.” (Romans10:17)

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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