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Exhortations – Table of Contents

EXHORTATION: Short Message/Sermon 
Blessing / Faith / Focus Spirit of Life- God’s Blessings l   Share the Blessings l   Jesus Christ, The Deliverer l   The Breath of Life: Truth l   Spirit of Life- God’s Blessings l       Praying / Giving / Offering Does God take the blessings’ back? l   Do we need the correct posture to pray? l   The Truth about Reincarnation l   Trinity – Three Persons in One Spirit l   Benediction     Law Freedom from the Law l   Usurpation of Authority l   God’s Activity God’s Involvement in Human Lives l   God’s Way l   We need God l   OMG l   Breath of Life l   Sin Separates Us From God l   The Kingdom Within Us l   The Name of God l        Scriptures: Word of Truth The Bible l   Blood Sacrifice l   Bible Speaks the Truth l   Faith, Hope, and Love l   Confession l   God Speaks In Modern Times l   Vaccines l   Matthew 16:18 l   2 Corinthians 13:5 l       Gift Tongues l   The Gift of Help l   Mystery -A Sacred Secret l   The Gift of Truth l   The Gift l   Body-A Living Sacrifice l   Repentance A Change of Heart and Mind l     Spirit / Life Drama of Life l   New Creation l   Born Again l     Trinity / Unity Filled With Spirit l   Spirit of Unity l   Doctrinal View of Unity l   Intelligence And Imagination l  
Power / Focus The Cross l   Focus l   Power of Inspiration l   Stay Hopeful l   Stay Strong l   Stay Justified l   Stay Focus l   Power is a Gift l   Ministry of Help l   The Power of Focus l   Faith And Temptations l     Biblical Work / Sharing Sharing is Evangelism l   Bible is our Adviser l   Jews and Gentiles l   The Bible Truth l       Marriage Married Life l   Adultery l   Idolatry l    Spirit Baptism-Holy Spirit l   Baptism- Natural and Spiritual l   The View- Resurrection Day l     Feelings / Emotions   Give Generously l   Treasure in Heaven l   Devastation l   Emptiness l   Appreciation l   Favoritism l       End Time Tribulation and Rapture l   The Beast and his beasts l   Troubled World l   Part of End Time – Wisdom l   The View – Traditional Church l       Truth / False Teachings Be Aware of False Teachings l  
Attitude / Character / Behavior Gossip, Rumors, and Slanders l   Humbleness l   Making Decision l   Thoughts and Minds l      Kingdom The Kingdom-At Hand l   The Kingdom Within l    

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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