The Name of God

The name of God was revealed to Moses.

The name of God was hidden from public knowledge for many centuries in the apostolic archives of the Vatican; the name of God was to be known to the Pope alone. Hidden from the knowledge of the Church for centuries by the Roman authority, the Church finally acquired the knowledge in 463AD (5th century) after the Romans sieged the Temple of Jerusalem in 70AD. The Church felt the sacredness of the name, and Pope Hilarius (461-468 AD) passed a decree to keep God’s name from the public and only have it passed from Pope to Pope until Pope Francis became a Pope and lifted the ban; revealing the name of the true God in 2017.

Since the Pope is the only person on earth who knows the name of God, will all his prayers be answered? If it Does, Does it mean that the Pope is much closer to God than we are? Does the Pope pray for the violence on this earth to end? If so! Why is the earth still in trouble? If he is not, does it mean that the name of God has no effect in prayer, or maybe the name of God must be shared with all believers only? Alternatively, to unbelievers, too? Is it a sin to hide something out of the ordinary that could help the world to be a peaceful place to live? If the Pope is one of the chosen people, why were many bad Popes recorded in history? Isn’t it that the chosen people in the Bible are Jewish?

On the other hand, Can I use Yahweh, the name Jewish people called their God? Alternatively, can I use Jehovah or Adonai, also mentioned? Which one should I call for my prayer to be effective?

The answer to Moses is a statement of God’s self-existence: I AM who I AM,” the complete designated given name of God. Only the consonant sound of the word YHWH must be pronounced to avoid disrespecting His name to the same level as pagan gods. In an appropriate time, Yahweh is the name that must only be said aloud once everyone acknowledges His presence and existence in every human life until everyone calls the name of the LORD with power and unison.

I raised too many questions, and the answer could only be one or two, and most of the answers were yes or no. I am asking the members for your answers to all those questions. You can keep the answers to yourselves until we further study God’s love letter. The complete understanding of God’s sacred secret is not a secret but a transparent statement of what He wants us to be. Please understand the secret to Sacred Secret, also known as mystery. Now, we can go ahead with the reading.

Abraham called God Jehovah numerous times, as did Isaac and Jacob. The lesson in Exodus will narrate us and hint that meeting with God requires a personal relationship and preparing our (flesh) body to have a pure heart and mind without a single dot of evil thought. It means seeking Him face to face is second to impossible, with an undivided heart and mind, which means not allowing anything else, no matter how blessed or wonderful we may feel, emotions distract us from preparing to hear from God.

We must remember hearing God talking to us when reading the Bible. It is okay to read the Bible with less understanding, and you will be surprised when you do not even realize that you have been equipped with much knowledge and understanding of God’s word with added wisdom.

What bliss is when our heart is pure and our mind experiences fellowshipping with the word of God? Then comes next; when we open our eyes with gladness, we see more and more of God’s truth.

God bless everyone. May the joy of the day be a blessing to everyone.

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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