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Drama of Life

The Drama of Life, where Earth is our stage

Christians must live with the truth that we are just like actors in this drama of life, and our stage is the Earth. Why we are here today and gone tomorrow remains a mystery. Our flesh has to die to go to the next level of life where we are predestined to eternity and not to live and stay with the time that lapses. Humans were created when time did not exist. However, time becomes our reality, and eternity is given no place because of its unseen nature, but it is what we hope for. Three points witness our existence: Time, Space, and Eternity.

There is only one central Supreme Being that plays a central or essential role in human activities, events, or situations. He is involved in every error humans make because of His responsibility that He allows His perfect creation to turn imperfect. The world that He created, and its good, became a violent world filled with corruption. To get out of all the struggles in life, you must be a resistance against the ruler of this world, the prince of the air. To be outside the bounds of his time and space is to leave and live under the wings of God. When we do that successfully, we will be in the space of God, and the wicked one cannot snatch us out of the Father’s hand. The time to change your mind is now, and tomorrow may not be available.

Now is the time to build the bridge while God’s grace is still available and not at our convenience. While we are under the protection of the Almighty Father, His adversaries know nothing; they understand nothing. They do not know what is in our minds. All they know is we have plans to be in the light, and they want us to walk with them in the darkness. All the foundations of the Earth shake every time they hear we are children of God, sons of the Most High. It is like a booming sound in their ear that they cannot stand aside from being denied sleep for lack of recruit. They have to do wicked things to satisfy their sinful nature. When we go near God, now is the time to receive the gift of Salvation, which is immediate after accepting Jesus Christ, according to John 3:16. The time we only have access to is now; yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is unavailable today. We consumed the time and used the space yesterday, and we are on His time and space today, but tomorrow is another time we cannot claim because it has not yet come.

The natural or physical world is at hand, and we have access to it only in the present; that is why it is always Now when we decide to draw near to God. We cannot tell God the promise of tomorrow because no one knows if the time to see it is there. The Spiritual world is only accessible Now or Today. The pouring of spiritual blessings is new every day, so today is an extraordinary day, so do not waste it. Once our spirit receives the truth, acknowledges it, and confesses, it may turn the Spirit into Spirit in this heavenly space. We believe that the spirit realm mentioned by Paul is the third heaven (2 Corinthians 12:3). When we feel the Spirit of God is in control of our actions, a subtle change will occur. We may begin to experience living in the eternity where God is. From that moment, we may also feel the baptism of the Holy Spirit with fire.

When you feel this tremendous change of consciousness, please do not focus on what we see but on what is unseen; what we see is temporary, and the unseen is everlasting—an everlasting joy. What is here today is gone tomorrow. The blessing comes new every day. Ref. 2 Cor. 4:18. Everything natural will pass when the time comes. If there is a beginning, there is an ending, and we call it time. The world of spirit will lapse while the world of the Spirit is all a part of eternity that is forever. Since the beginning of time and space, the Earth has had a beginning and an end. A human can use all their energy but will never find it because the natural time is different, and the space provided is temporal and unsearchable because of humans’ limited access to eternal possession. As Christians, we are ready and prepared until the LORD and His Lord, the faithful witness, may come on His time and take over our borrowed home.

Thank you, LORD God, for what you showed us, filled with knowledge and understanding. We look forward to the eternal joy we are all heading after this temporary occupancy in a borrowed vessel.

God bless everyone.

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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