Filled With Spirit

Filled with Spirit

Once we receive spiritual joy, we will no longer feel happy with fleshly desire. It reminds us that God can save us if we cannot save ourselves. No matter our circumstances, God knows our strengths and weaknesses. He will let us use our righteous deeds using our strength, and He will strengthen our weaknesses that we can use to overcome any sinful attacks. Moreover, as we spread the Gospel, we must consider how to reach out to the unfortunate and forgotten society. They also deserve to taste the living water to alleviate their thirst for spiritual life. Everyone deserves to experience the beauty of life. Physical and Spiritual.

Our spiritual body will never thirst for God’s presence since His Spirit will always be with us to fill our needs as children of God. We must, however, continue to be in His Word. Coming to Jesus should be an experience with the body of believers. When we stay close to Him, we are spirit-filled, and as we fellowship with each other, it strengthens our faith and builds greater hope.

Every believer must be filled in Spirit while sharing their experiences with the Spirit of God and the presence of the Son, which will drive us to understand and stay connected in peace, joy, and unity. When there is disagreement and doubt about someone else testimony,  the presence of unbelief must be a concern and needs to be corrected, and more words of encouragement are needed. There is no way we can leave a space for unbelief to squeeze in and start dividing our common goal and infuse the Spirit of confusion rather than having unity of the mind to act as one.

God’s word tells us to Come out from among the unbelief and separate from them. And do not touch any unclean things; He will receive us as sons and daughters, and He will be our Father. God, our Father, does not want us to mingle with darkness. “For you are a temple of the living God.” Even as God said, “I will dwell in them and walk in them. I will be their God, and they will be my people.” 2 Corinthians 6:16. Have you seen the difference between “people and sons and daughters of God.”

Living an abundant life can trigger jealousy and envy among the lukewarm believers and those who have unestablished relations within the Godhead. They are either ignorant of the word of God or lack knowledge that the word of God is accurate. Believers, sometimes called the faithful, focus on the Blesser, not the Blessings. They are giving thanks for the blessings and not counting on the blessings. Living in abundance does not always mean living lavishly or richly in material things. Living with material possessions is short-lived, while living in Spirit is forever.

People can sing together to express joy and unity in faith in Him who created us and come together to lift our bodies, proclaiming the Temple of God is now the kingdom of God within us (Luke 17:21). Let the Spirit of God flow within our kingdom and rejoice that the time to call the name of the LORD is now. To God be the glory.

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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