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Be Aware of False Teachings

Be Aware of False Teachings.

People can easily be swayed away from the LORD to believe in the temporary happiness of this life. Many were deceived that they claimed to be the son of God, appointed son of God, and as a reincarnated body of the little Jesus “Sto. NIÑO”. False miracles are also one factor that distracts our attention. Most of these happen because of rooted beliefs passed from generation to generation. Prosperity gospels are losing, and the profiteers are adopting a new approach. When people are hooked on false beliefs, they donate most of their hard-earned money, believing it would return a hundredfold. Even minor children are being victimized by this cult behavior.

These people know how to get into the weakest part of the mind of these people with a lack of knowledge of the word of God; they become easy prey. How much influence they can have on people? Not much, if they are not ignorant of the Word of God. We must help these people be closer to God’s Word; as Christians, that is our responsibility.

When the enemy finds a weakness in the targeted audience, they do not waste time to swoop on it. In Deuteronomy 11:16-17— “Beware that your hearts are not deceived and that you do not turn away and serve other gods and worship them…” Hardship can easily make someone turn away from the LORD. The poorest of the poor, in material or spiritual things, are most vulnerable in this deceitful situation. They want your body to serve in their interest if you cannot afford to give them enough money. To work for them, fundraising, selling books, utensils, etc., and let you entice other people to join the group.  

If you fall into a false doctrine, you may have driven yourselves to false gods to worship when you are in a cult or an occult-type environment where sometimes physical death can only separate you from them. That is how the threat comes next. A better life is always the front that entices people from a relationship with the LORD. A piece of peaceful advice: when you feel they are acting as if there is no salvation without them, that reconciliation to the LORD will be through their method of worship; when you fall to that false tenet, you never have been in a relationship with the one true God. The worst mistake that we might not be aware of is to worship other gods. There is a reason why God made the 1st and 2nd commandments about what He wants from us and what He wants us to be: to devote and worship Him and no one else.

God is responsible for our obedience, and the circumstances when we disobey may not be bearable, and no one else is responsible but Him. When we fall out of the relationship with Him, His merciful and graceful heart will bring us back into a relationship with Him again. We must humble ourselves, surrender, and resubmit our hearts to Him. For every soul that gets back under the wings of God, the angels of God rejoice every time some souls are saved.

God is our all in all. God bless everyone. Published 3/29/2023

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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