God Speaks In Modern Times

God Speaks In Modern Times – Be mindful why He still speaks today.

Many individuals claim that God speaks to them and even claim that they can feel the presence of God, and then sometimes they will follow it up with babbling sound claiming that they speak in tongue. We should be aware of this claim without any proof that what they are claiming is true. There are so many false teachers, false prophets, and even false ministers! I said it false for they are not from God. Anything from God is good, supported by the written word from a trusted source “the Bible”, and if there is no resistance from hearers and doers of the word of God.

When the Father sent the Holy Spirit through the Son’s request, this means that the Holy Spirit of God will be in-charge. The Holy Spirit will help us rule our domain because in this world without the Spirit, there is no way we can even out the battle against principalities in heavenly places. The dark side of the spiritual world is well protected, that no light, even a dot could enter unless you are a fellowships’ recruit.

The last time Jesus spoke to a human being or human soul was Paul, who on his way to Damascus in pursuit of capturing or killing the followers of Jesus’ to spill more blood. Paul made a complete U-turn in his life after his encounter with Jesus Christ. That is what we need when we are lost to find our way back to God and the Holy Spirit will guide us in doing so. This is an eye opener to thank Jesus for asking the Father to send the Holy Spirit in his place.

Justin Martyr was a Palestinian that did not believe in Jesus and he encountered Jesus while he was walking on the seaside one night; Justin noticed somebody was following him and when he turned his back there was no one and continued walking and looked again but still no one was there. Jesus did not speak to him but Justin realized that it was signs and wonders to convince him to believe that Jesus exists. Since then his life was changed and converted to Christianity and ministered the word taught by Jesus until he was given the order of sainthood after his mission on earth.

The last time that God spoke was to His Son when God gave the Son the Revelation of things to come and told him to tell his servant John. By the way, a servant is not what you think it means; it is not a slave that serves and owns by his master-servant means minister. All Christians are ministers of the good news (gospel)-Servanthood.

To claim that God speaks to Pastors could be confusing if not doubtful; they probably speak in the pulpit and use the name of God to grab attention or to show their close relationship with God. It is obvious that God will pick and choose when we know that God is just and impartial, no favoritism. Of course, if God spoke to them we may also expect that God is going to speak to us.

Using the name of God in vain is something that we need to be bold and ask gently after his speech or anytime he is available. “How and why God spoke to him?” The only way we can hear the voice of God talking to us is through the Bible, through our silent hours and meditation.

Jesus got his life back when The Father and God of our Lord Jesus Christ raised him up from the dead and lives forevermore. That is why it is so hard that humans do not understand who takes care of their spiritual wellbeing to this date. If no one takes responsibility, ask the Holy Spirit, and open the Bible that you might find guidance.

When somebody says that God speaks to him, it is confusing who he is talking to. God stopped talking to humans directly except His word written on a trusted unblemished book-the Holy Bible.

Perhaps the reason why God will speak to humans today is that we are turning-over this earth to the forces of darkness, the enemy of faith. If God will speak to us, we have to be prepared to listen. The following could be the reasons why He is speaking now:

1) What would be the reason that God would speak today? The urgency!

2) What would He say? What is it so important?

3) What is the method God would use? How would He speak? The way He would speak?

4) What would God expect from us? Our response He definitely know it?

We have to remember that the only way we can see and hear His voice is when we meet Him face to face and that is after we regain the lost paradise; the garden of life, human perfection, fellowshipping with God after the sanctification and glorification of our bodies, receiving the reward of eternal life, and citizenship in true heaven our final destination where there is no religion and possessions to fight for; no pains and sorrows, no losers and gainers all living with joy and gladness.

Our Godly vision: All living souls will share the same space in one celestial body commanded by love with one breath which is the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is a gift from God. We must always acknowledge him without fear that someone and somewhere will be jealous. Jealousy will come to pass and will no longer exist forevermore because it causes violence. Anything that will cause us to sins will all be extinguished.

Acknowledging the Holy Spirit within us is acknowledging the Father and the Son.

We please God because of our faith and without faith it is impossible to please Him and He rewards those who acknowledge that He exists. God looks in our heart and not how our mouth speaks vain repetition in prayers and in holy convocation. Express our thoughts with straight talks and He will give us a righteous path.

The greatest protection we have in this troubled world is the protection from the Holy Spirit of God. Thank you Father for you eternal love.

We submit to you this work for your blessings. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit within us and around us.

Bishop Joseph

Dr. Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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