Spirit of Unity

Spirit of Unity

Psalm 133:1 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brethren to dwell together in unity!

King David tells us to be mindful of something remarkable: the blessing of God to His people living in unity—the abundant blessing for those who seek peaceful living together in one accord. God will bless us with peace and give us more than we need. Spiritual Health and Wealth are more significant than physical or material things that only offer temporary happiness. You eat today and solve the hunger problem; tomorrow is another day like yesterday.

The health and wealth that heaven offers give joy and contentment. The energy it gives when you walk with God’s word and the wealth of understanding His wholeness and gracefulness measured our close relationships with Him. When we receive the Spirit of Health and Wealth, we will no longer seek material things that moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, sometimes causing harm to our bodies and endangering our lives. Putting our treasures in our hearts where no one can break in is better.

When Jesus encounters a Samaritan woman in the well, he asks for water, but the woman refuses to give Jesus water. Jews and Gentiles were on separate ways and did not have anything to do with each other. They are not in unity. Through this encounter, Jesus made way for Gentiles to receive the living water; this is what God wants us to receive: the water of Salvation and the knowledge of His existence. The living water provides us with everything we need to survive in this challenging, dark world; once we have it, we will never be thirsty again.

The living water or water of Salvation will continue to flow and never run dry. God calls us to acknowledge this thirst quencher every time we lose direction by opening our hearts to draw from the well of Salvation, prayers to reconnect to the narrow road that leads to Salvation and avoid the pitfall of a broader road that leads to destruction. Our physical thirst for healthy bodies and wealthy living is engaged to worries and suffering, which is unbearable. Think about the wealthiest and smartest person who ever lived. At the end of his life, he uttered true happiness comes from putting God first in our lives and not us first. The key to success is not in life itself: pleasure, the abundance of material things, power, influence, money, and wisdom. Life is meaningless that way, and they are all futile and folly. Without God, where is the treasure of your body will be?

It is not too late to call the name of the LORD, renew hope, ask for relief from suffering, and acknowledge that the Lord God is in control of human lives and no one else. Accept Jesus, the Son of God. Through him, we are born again, a redeemer and savior who gave us the gift of Salvation from the Father and the Holy Spirit, who guides us on the right path to heaven. Salvation is for everyone. Start your first step by following John 3:16.

Jews and Gentiles’ unity is the key to Salvation. Peaceful living will please God.

To God be the glory; God is our all and no one else. God bless everyone.

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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