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Truth About Free Will

Part 1 – The Truth On Free Will Series

Christian churches are distancing themselves from teaching the prosperity gospel. This is because the members are now seeing the teaching is not working for them but only benefiting the Pastors, and now it is losing its ground and disappearing; “once saved, always saved” is hardly heard being preached and also slowly disappearing due to knowledge of the process of salvation. 

Justification by faith alone confuses some believers, and some don’t even believe it. “Money doesn’t grow on trees” if faith alone can save me, I will sit and relax. We need to work on our salvation. We are justified and sanctified as soon as we accept Jesus Christ according to John 3:16. But there are two more sanctification steps we have to deal with, so there is some work to be done.

Giving more to Jesus is another practice of asking for more collection money; it will come to pass, or the members will get enough of it. There is also confusion about the teachings of Paul to believe only the Jesus that he preached, while on the other hand, the four gospels teach us four different Jesus.

I would suggest that church leaders prioritize this area in Bible studies, teach the members proper Christian living, and feed the hungry with the words of God. But unfortunately, bible study is not offered in many congregations, especially prominent churches. In small congregations, it is slowly disappearing too, and if there is any Bible study, mainly the Pastors are not involved. 

Spiritual growth is significant. It strengthens the faith of believers, introduces the Father and the Son, and later develops a good relationship. Members cannot just learn to listen to thirty minutes of preaching from the Pastor. We need interaction to have more clarity on the Scriptures. They may encounter confusion. The church governance is slow to notice that church members are getting smaller and smaller because they are busy with their plans and neglecting the spiritual growth of the members. Many members are losing interest and are frequently absent from attending the service and are more inclined to watch service done on TV right in the comfort of the living room.

Deism is getting more vital so as is the Oneness doctrine. If this belief system stays on consistently and acts now and unites, it may hurt the other denominations. Who will stand firm among these groups if God Almighty pulls the plug off on the gift of grace (extension of life) and shows His natural power because of our behavior? Deism- believes in God; Oneness- believes in the Son only; and Trinitarian- believes in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. What is your take on the three “isms?”

The Oneness believers teach that Jesus is the Father and claim that Almighty God manifests Himself as the Son and inseparable, so there is only one. In other words, to make it less confusing, if someone is considering this belief, think that everything that Jesus is the “all in all.” He is God; He is the Creator. He is the God that spoke to Noah, Abraham, and Moses, and Jesus was the one that saved the Israelites in Egypt. In other words, anything that was supposed to be the work of the Father was replaced with Jesus; the Son also becomes the Father, not a separate person with separate power and authority.

The Trinity believers teach that Jesus is the second person of the Godhead, the third person is the Holy Spirit, and the Father is the head. Three separate persons in order of the Godhead (Family of God). We should think wholeheartedly about where we want to offer our body as a living sacrifice and devote all of our life to the one true God only. 

To avoid confusion: The following are the steps towards Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the truth of the Word of God that may guide you to gain fulfillment of your desire to be fed by the word of God in your comfort. We have been given free will for our actions and will not be charged as long as it is not out of the line.

1st– God did not give names or names to His church;

2nd– God did not pick what kind of building and places, clothes to wear, and time and day (since God was speaking to the Jews, He gave the Jews which is Sabbath as worship day;

3rd– Is Sunday more comfortable for worshiping God Almighty? Do the day wherein Christians also proclaim Jesus Christ’s resurrection day? This is Son’s day of worship.

4th– Is any day on the 7th day of the week available to believers due to the work schedule? It is probably more appealing to medical professionals, law enforcement, first responders, and many more, as we can call it more appropriate to worship God without distraction.

5th– Any day to worship God in spirit and truth is one-on-one with God. Many receive revelations practicing this method. We show God that He is not forgotten, that He always has room in our hearts, and that connecting with God is communicating with God. 

6th– any day to worship God through prayer by meditation is the kind of worship to get closer to our Creator. Everything will be the creation of our mind which God created for us anyway, so why not use it for His glory? To get in contact, it needs techniques and practice. We can always create a conversation with God with a topic of our own, and we can pick our place, like in the garden or any quiet room in the house free from distraction will be appropriate.

7th, any day to worship God in spirit and truth through prayer meditation: soul cleansing and renewal of spirit guided by the Bible verses. There are verses to get closer to our Creator and cleanse our lost souls. Because of our imperfections, we are always in the shadow of deceit and temptation, and we need to set our souls free and our spirit to be renewed every day through the help of the Holy Spirit.

We are given free will, and God, our Father, will never interfere with our decisions. However, when we make an error, we are responsible for every action and decision that must be corrected.

The truth about worship is not explained to us by those who passed this belief system to us from generation to generation. As Christians, we are groomed to worship God on Saturday (Adventists) or Sunday (Evangelicals). Evangelicals and Adventists believe in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone, but here, God the Father is not being mentioned, and even salvation as a gift from God to humanity; it is Jesus Christ they believe is the Savior. 

Anyone who avoids fellowshipping and worshipping with Catholics is considered Protestant. Protestantism is an old term for the people who have protested against Catholicism. It is branded to Protestant Christians that many wished to be erased so that the mind of the new generation will have different eye views. They would prefer to be called Born Again Christians or just Christians.

If no one agrees or ignores the proposed day of worship, it is yours to decide. Don’t get confused; reference your thoughts that during Jesus Christ’s ministry, they are just meeting on the foot of the mountain, in a tent or any available house. Anything that will enhance your life without worries and distractions will benefit your spiritual growth. Faith comes bundled with enthusiasm to seek the truth and hopes to find it.

There are so many teachings out there, and you will find the majority of it is central to Jesus’ life and resurrection, but some Christians say no to both of these doctrines because they see that the Bible itself teaches us that there is more to Jesus.

The doctrine of the Holy Trinity was written and was not handed to be seen by all but by whom God wants to show it. But, as God said, I will do it for you; give your heart with gladness in following His will.

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Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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