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Introduction to Truth Series

God is Spirit- Introduction to the Truth Series

God is a Spirit, and the Spirit of God gives life that no one is above Him, but many things are below Him. He revealed Himself to be the only LORD, and below Him, there is one Lord, and below the Lord, there are many lords. He is the “He” and not he; He is the “Himself” but not himself. Therefore, we should know who we are talking to address the Father Almighty adequately.

When we write or talk in spirit, the following are to be observed: God is a Spirit capital S and Father capital F, so anything about Him is capital; LORD. Therefore, while the Son can be in small S or mention the name, Lord Jesus, or the Lord, the LORD speak to my Lord, The Lord speak to my lords. The Father speaks to the Son, and the Son speaks to the sons. We put it this way to distinguish each person’s position in the Godhead.

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The Son has the exact nature (Spirit) as the Father, but the Father has different characteristics from the Son or sons. The Father has three characteristics or attributes to describe our Father: omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. 

The Son with flesh is limited in movement and the exercise of power and authority to a specific location. When Jesus said The Father sent him only to the lost sheep of Israel, this proves that the mobility of His body and  He could only be in a specific place at a particular time. However, His Spirit went a long way to reach the four corners of the biblical earth, and until now, His  Spirit lingers with everyone who is a partaker of the word.   

We are all by-products of God’s creation, and they provided us more than enough for our temporary stay here on earth, our holding place before we proceed to our everlasting joy. Though we abuse the generosity of Mother Earth, she still allows us to stay and live until we find our lost souls to be perfected and immortal again, but those things that we may never know because God has the glory to conceal those things. God gave us our domain to rule as a king, and the kingdom is now at hand—Luke 17:21; Philippians 3:20. It is the glory of God to conceal the matter, and it is the glory of the king to search for the matter. It is the king’s authority to search for the hidden truth that will be revealed only to the king—Proverbs 25:2.

On the other hand, the sons also possess the exact nature of the Father and the Son but are different in the quality of existence. This happens when humans possess imperfections due to disobedience of the Son of God- Adam (Luke 3:38) (1 Chronicle 1:1).

There are more enlightened things going on in this ministry and prayed that the blessings we receive be a blessing to others so that it will come a time when the truth will reside in everyone’s mind, body and soul until we meet the purpose of living in harmony. Together we confess and acknowledge the Father’s existence. 

Father, into your hands, you made our existence possible. Therefore, with blessings from you, our Almighty Father, the hope of this ministry continue to manifest in the lives of those hungry for the truth, and may these writings serve your sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters and mothers feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, Your Spirit every day that the truth is in them and cannot be shaken. 

To God be the glory,

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I submit.

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Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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