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Part 5 – Truth for Confused Mind Series – When two characters of the Bible claimed both the same title or teachings; that sends a signal to our mind which one is real.

The doctrine of Jesus Oneness movement is not an issue or problem for any popular preachers in Christianity.  These preachers never step out to inform their congregation members that the doctrine of Jesus Only group is not Biblical. This may be, they are confused because it is written that Jesus is God.  When Jesus Himself said that He is God, He was confronted by the Jews and accused Him of blasphemy, which was punishable under the law during that time.  Jesus being fully God and fully man became a big discussion because of the growing population believing in the doctrine of Oneness.

Why are Christians so intimidated when they heard about more than one God?  Even those Christians aside from Catholics that believe in the Holy Trinity are not exempted from criticism and scared of omitting Jesus as part of the family of God.  If your last name is Holy and comes in a lineage of royalty, it is automatic that it needs to be addressed with honor.

In Spiritual mode, honoring God the Almighty and the Mighty Son is given which means praising, worshipping God because He is our Father, the Savior of mankind.  We honor the Son because of His redemptive work when the Father sent Him on a mission. We also address a person a Reverend when he does a reverential deed worthy to be addressed as Reverend.

When we honor the Father and the Son they deserved to be praised because honoring them is not a title but an attribute, that’s why it is definitely different from the physical world.  

When Jesus said that they can be gods therefore, they can be gods because that word came from God.  Anyone who disagreed with Him may think it is an insult, because they know themselves very well, that they are not worthy to be a god. Firstly, they do not know their Bible very well. Since the accusers of Jesus are legalistic and rooted in believing in One God, anyone that will speak of many Gods is an enemy of their own faith and that is blasphemy punishable by death.

When the church was divided after the success of the reformation, the movement began a noticeable birth of self-righteous Christians who went against other Christians that were not in line with their newfound knowledge. They called themselves enlightened Christians, who have the responsibility to carry the truth across the board.

Catholics sometimes become victims of being branded as pagans and other cultic groups.  When you see Christian persecuting other Christian you feel embarrassed being a new born again Christian or in other words Protestants.

The majorities of Christians believe in the teachings of the Trinity as three separate entities functioning the same nature but differ in style. The Oneness believers, proclaim Christ as the entire three being one, the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. These groups of believers proclaim Jesus Christ as the Almighty One and Creator.  The third groups under the watchful of eyes of the self-righteous are Christian Deism. These are believers in God that do not get involved in human activity after creating the universe, and live their life with instinct and free will and believe to be responsible to respect the law of nature to govern the world.  They follow what nature dictates to do and not to do.  They do not believe in revelation and any doctrines of any church. They are not in bondage of any man-made religious practices.

Christian denomination causes separation of the Body of Christ instead of creating one solid healthy body functioning for the glory of the Father. These divisions end up hurting the body as a whole.  It is like an auto-immune of the human body attacking its own body. Denomination causes division and it leads to weakening the faith of many and thereby decides to leave the faith eventually.  Oneness is coming on very strong and even the mainline Christian are slowly turning like them.  Some already notice it and they are turning to believe in deism. 

Christians branded those under the law as a legalist, and I will not be surprised if the time comes they will call Deism a naturalist.  Deism is a belief to follow the natural law; such as following the time of nature when it is time to fish, time to spread seeds on the land, when it is going to rain and when danger is imminent.  Like the birds, they know when danger is coming, so as the other animals too. The movement of the sea waves and the direction and strength of wind blow which shows signs of precaution are the law of nature that deism believes. Believing in nature gives more wisdom to this group of believers on how to live their lives; no worries about who will be saved and who is not.  

However, at the other Christian churches, the doctrine about prosperity teaching is losing its ground and disappearing; as well as the teaching of “once saved is always saved” is slowly disappearing due to knowledge of the process of salvation.  Justification by faith alone is very confusing to some believers dealing with “money doesn’t grow on trees”, because we need to work on our salvation.  Giving more to Jesus is another practice of asking for more collection money, will come to pass. There is also confusion about the teachings of Paul to believe only the Jesus that he was preaching, while on the other hand, the four gospels teach us four different Jesus.

I would suggest that church leaders should prioritize this area in Bible studies; teach the members proper Christian living and feed the hungry with the words of God. The Bible study is slowly disappearing too and if there is any, mostly, the Pastors are not involved.  Spiritual growth is very important because without it,  it will easily be snatched and one can totally walk away from the faith.  The church governance is slow to notice that church members are getting smaller and smaller because they are busy with their own personal plans and not taking care of the spiritual growth of the members.   Members are losing interest and becoming frequently absent from attending the service, and are more inclined to attend a service and get the same feeling of blessing in the comfort of their home.  

Deism is getting stronger so as the Oneness doctrine.  If this belief system stays on consistently and act now and unite, it may hurt the other denominations.  If God Almighty shows His natural power, who do you think will stand strong among these groups?  Deism- believes in God, Oneness- believes in the Son,  or the Trinitarian- believes in the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The Oneness believers teach that Jesus is the Father and claim that Almighty God manifests Himself to be the Son and in inseparable,  so there is only one.  In other words, to make it less confusing, if someone is taking to consider this belief,  just think that everything that Jesus is, the “all in all”. He is God, He is the Creator, He is the God that spoke to Noah, Abraham, and to Moses; that Jesus was the one that saved the Israelites in Egypt.  In other words, anything that was supposed to be the work of the Father was replaced with Jesus; and the Son becomes the father also; not a separate person with separate power and authority.

The Trinity believers teach that Jesus is the second person of the Godhead and the third person is the Holy Spirit and of course, the Father is the head.  Three separate persons in order of the Godhead (Family of God).  We should think wholeheartedly where we want to offer our body as a living sacrifice and devote all of our life to the one true God only.  

The following are the steps towards Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the truth of the Word of God. 

1st, God did not give name or names to His church; 

2nd, God did not pick what kind of building and places, clothes to wear, and time and day (since God was speaking to the Jews He gave the Jew’s which is Sabbath day worship day; 

3rd, Is Sunday more comfortable to worship God wherein Christians proclaim Jesus Christ’s resurrection day? This is clearly Son’s day of worship; 

4th is there any day in the 7th day of the week available to believers due to work schedule;  within which is probably more appealing to medical professionals, law enforcement, first responders, and many more as we can call it more appropriate to worship God without distraction. 

5th, any day to worship God in spirit and in truth is a one on one with God. Many receive revelations practicing this method. We show God that He is not forgotten, that He has always a room in our hearts, and connecting with God is communicating with God.  

6th, any day to worship God through prayer by meditation is the kind of worship to get closer with our Creator. Everything will be the creation of our mind which God created for us anyway, so why not use it for His glory. To get in contact, it needs techniques and practice.  We can always create a conversation with God with a topic of our own or God and we can pick our own place like in the garden, or any quiet room in the house free from distraction will be appropriate.

7th, any day to worship God in spirit and truth through prayer meditation: soul cleansing and renewal of spirit guided by the Bible verses. There are verses to get closer to our Creator, verses for cleansing of our lost soul. Because of our imperfection, we are always in the shadow of deceit and temptation and we need to set our soul free and our spirit to be renewed every day.

We are given free will and God; our Father will never interfere with our decisions.  When we make an error, of course, we are responsible for every action and decision we made, and deserve to be corrected. 

The truth about worship is not plainly explained to us by those people who passed this belief system from generation to generation.  As Christians, we are groomed to worship God either Saturday (Adventist) or Sunday (Evangelicals). Evangelicals and Adventists both believe in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone, but in here, God the Father is not being mentioned and even the salvation as a gift of God to mankind. Anyone who avoids to fellowship and worship with Catholics, consider themselves protestant; but Protestantism is an old term to the people who have protested against Catholics. It is something that is being erased from and they would prefer to be called Born Again Christian.

If no one agrees or ignores the proposed day of worship it is yours to decide. Anything that will enhance your life free of worries and distractions will be more useful to your spiritual growth.  Faith comes bundled with enthusiasm to seek for the truth and hopes to find it.  There are so many teachings out there and you will find the majority of it is central to Jesus’ life and resurrection, but some Christians say no to both of these doctrines because they see that the Bible itself clearly teaches us that there are more to Jesus.

Some of these Oneness Christians believe that Jesus created all things and that He is the Word that existed before the foundation of the world. Please note that the Word only became in the name of Jesus when he appeared in the flesh. God sent the Son down from heaven through a Virgin birth to become flesh.  Apparently, Jesus Only believers, without fear of taking out the involvement of the Father, and even acknowledging the Father as the Almighty One, is not part of their notion.  There is only One Almighty God, the Almighty Father and He will never share His glory to others. Jesus said that the Father is mightier than Him, why do we need a proof when Jesus already declared it?

The doctrine of the Holy Trinity was written and it was not handed to be seen by all, but by whom God wants to show it.   As God said, I will do it.

The truth is, 1Corinthian 8:6 that says: “yet for us, there is but one God, the Father, from whom all things came and for whom we live; and there is but one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom all things came and through whom we live.”  Clearly, this verse and the rest of God’s word teach us the simplicity of His word and not confusing as others saw it. 

The Almighty Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit formed a triune God with the same nature but different from style. The Spirit of the Father is solely His, and the Word is His attributes, that when He uttered this word it exists either it forms it, made or creates something in existence. The Son with Spirit and flesh and has two natures, while the Holy Spirit is the Spirit that dwells to mankind and is with the spirit of man which blesses us with a passion for God and compassion for man. The truth can be found and when you asked, the answers will be given to you, seek and you will find, and knock and door will open. 

Paul said “For if he that comes preaches another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if you receive another spirit, which you have not received, or another gospel, which you have not accepted, you might well bear with him.” 2 Corinthians 11:14. During that time there are proselytes going on and Paul is very adamant and very strong on what he was preaching. Many apostles were afraid of him because he was known to persecute the followers of Jesus. The four gospels that teach four different Jesus are something to be clarified by the leaders of the church. There should be no conflict in these teachings.

In 1 Corinthians Paul says: Even there are many gods and many lords whether in heaven or on earth, there still is one God, the Father Almighty whom all things are and we are in Him and we in him; and the one Lord Jesus Christ, the mighty Son. These alone speaks of God the Creator of all the things in earth and the things in heaven and above are all His creations and masterpieces. We have to be thankful to the Son that through Him we learned all about Him and through the sacrifices He successfully redeemed us from the sins.

Peter and Paul preached two different Gospels where it made people confused about which one was true. One was the Gospel of Circumcision wherein people had to submit in the cutting of skin and had to feel pain, the Gospel of Paul which was the Un-Circumcision which was more bearable because there was no submission to physical pain, but only dealt about with the circumcision of the heart.  It was termed as the “Gospel of the Grace of God;” Acts 20:24; 1 Corinthians 15:3-4). Which one will you choose when both have a promise of salvation? Definitely the painless doctrine will be chosen.

Paul stated that what we eat or do not eat does not make us more spiritual.

Without holy affections, all human knowledge is worthless. You can call as many gods and as many lords as you can, All we need is only One True God the Father Almighty and One True Lord the mighty Son Jesus Christ everything will be taken with love and care. I know I will have peace of mind, more safe and secure. I submit.

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Bishop Joseph

Dr. Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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