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Baptism of the Holy Spirit #1

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Many older church people believe that Baptism is just a public ceremony to introduce the recipient to the community of Christians, enjoy the comfort of grace, and be accessible under the Law given to the Jews. The Law is a tremendous burden many could not fulfill. Paul introduces this doctrine— in Romans 6:14, which says, “You are not under law, but under grace.” The Body of Christ (Church) is centered on Salvation John 3:16 and has nothing to do with Salvation through Baptism, as we are taught early as Christians.  

The Baptism of infants is no longer called Baptism but the presentation or dedication of the child to the kingdom of God and the Christian community. The officiating minister or priest also blesses the recipient for becoming a new creation or being born again. Baptism symbolizes our commitment and appeal to God for good conscience.

The truth about the doctrine of Baptism in many Christian denominations is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with fire. Paul, in his letter to the Ephesians, teaches us that the Holy Spirit is the seal of Salvation for all those who believe: “In him, you also, having heard the word of the truth, the Good News of your salvation—in whom, having also believed, you were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit, who is a pledge of our inheritance, to the redemption of God’s possession, to the praise of his glory.” Ephesians 1:13-14(World English Bible)

One Spirit and one body (1 Corinthians 12:13), Gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38), power of the Holy Spirit has come upon you (Acts 1:8), baptized with the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:5), Baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire (Matthew 3:11), (Luke 3:16), baptized into Christ (Galatians 3:27), filled with the Holy Spirit (Acts 4:31). Baptism of the Holy Spirit is an identifying factor of the possession of Salvation. Moreover, the Holy Spirit could not be the “Seal of Salvation” if not received at the moment of Salvation. Salvation is secured when we receive Christ as Savior (Justified and Sanctified). We are well aware when we receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with fire in the presence of a witness or witnesses. Sometimes, the witness or witnesses hear the speaking of tongues from the recipient’s mouth.

To God is the glory, our all in all.

Types of Baptism Baptism, Confirmation, and Possession Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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