Evangelism Part 6: Prophets Series

God is behind successful prophecies

In the beginning, God created every need of mankind before He even formed the first man; the herb that produces seeds and trees whose fruit will yield seeds for their food. The sun that will brighten days and the moon and stars that will light the night. It is the source of light that also gives us a healthy body. He formed the man Adam and through him, Eve comes into existence. God created mankind in His image and be responsible to rule over the living creatures. God blessed them and said to them to be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it.

When God breathed into Adam’s nostrils, from the dust of the ground to a breathing soul, Adam became a living being, as we should all know by now that we are souls with borrowed vessels.  When God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden, where he had fellowship with God and established a close relationship with Him, Adam’s perfection deserves to be happy, and God who can make impossible things possible took Eve out of Adam’s rib, both naked and without sin they communion with God.  Gen. 2:8-20, Gen 2:20-23, Gen. 2:25

As this great story passed for generations, we can surmise that God wants all of us to understand that we are here on earth not to suffer but to enjoy life and His creations. We are here together with all His creations to live side by side peacefully and in unity through the gift of love. God created us with a brain and heart to fulfill His purpose. And He created vegetables, plants, and animals’ kingdom that we can depend on for our nutrition to survive. God is love and instead of acknowledging that love, we are more focused on the hardship of living.

God sent Prophets to hear His voice (1 Cor. 12:8-10), God was directly involved in human activities, and yet humans continually sinned. Human existence was reset after the deluge everyone in the ark has been saved and multiplied by the earth. God’s plan was still in place and uses Prophets to communicate and speak the word of prophecy, kings to give the provision, and the priests to give the word of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding so whoever heard their voices and believe will walk away from their evil doings.

When Moses was anointed by God to lead the Israelites, with the uncontrolled behavior of the Israelites, the Ten Commandments written by God’s fingers on a tablet was given to Moses, the idolatrous acts of the Israelites continue until Moses’ emotion lead him to break the tablets into pieces. Human is God’s breathed and He uses human to prophesy things to come, He also gives wisdom to the wise that comes bundled with knowledge and understanding. Humans believe in God and acknowledges that all good things are gifts from Him.

Prophets, Kings, and Priests are anointed people of God in the Old and the New Testament period. Do we still have these people today? Many acts as if they are but they are not. They do not even know what period we are in and they preach about the end time and yet they cannot define what it means. The first will be the last and the last will be the first Jesus Christ the Son of God sent by God as the Prophet, the Priest and the King of Kings, the last messenger that God had spoken and after him, there is no one else.

Many claimed and some are still prophesying claiming that what they are saying is from God but they all failed. They are false, and with the spirit of discernment, we can feel the work of deception. They claimed that they do the work of the Lord and yet God was not with them. The discerning part that God wants to point out is that, no matter how sincere a person is, if he is not tuned into the will of God, they will fail and even though they did great and noble work, true success only comes from God. God is behind it and not due to the efforts of man. We are just a channel to reach out to other human beings waiting to receive the Word.

God is all in all

Bishop Joseph

Dr. Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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