Good News (Gospel)

Human Activities- Solomon’s Ecclesiastes Chapter 3:1-8

There are times when we have something important that we need to finish but left undone, perhaps because of some changes in priorities, being a sloth, or lack of knowledge of the consequences that it may bring. Some people prefer to listen than do it, watch people struggle during hard times rather than lending a hand, and some people just look and wait for others to fail in their attempt to achieve happy living.

There are times that we ignore the holiness of our work and let the desire of our souls behave the way the body desires. Our conscience is part of our soul as well as our emotion and when we let our emotion does as it dictates, the soul suffers.

Our moral conduct and behavior can define who we represent in this world where humans are under the spell of money, slave to debt, rules or laws for the poor and not for the rich or influential.  What is heartening is people who are enlightened of the truth and given a chance to get out of rooted belief but choose to stay until the end of life. We should apply caution with our behavior. 

Religion is meant to control our mind that leads to destruction and not to save our souls. We care so much for the cry of the flesh that eventually turns into dust, rather than, the souls that can have a new life with a glorified body.

Why do we allow our spirit, soul, and body to forget our duties to God and the purpose why we are here today and gone tomorrow, and our goal to be with Him in the kingdom? Why is holiness no longer a concern for people rich or poor? The rich are busy to be richer and the poor are busy to be rich. We let the waste take our time instead of staying focused on the great provider.

If we don’t get it on this earth we surely hope we get it above this earth where God is. Some may ask, How about if hope is not true? The only answer is,  it’s better to have hope and live our lives with joy rather than worry for the rest of our lives. Hope builds faith, without hope faith is futile. Faith can bring happiness until the end of our journey in this troubled world.

Let our thoughts continue to seek God and the truth of His words that will set us free. Distractions can be a burden but if we put God first in our thoughts and use the right word of God to keep them away. We have to believe that the presence of God is at hand and He rewards those that believe in His existence. We must never forget that God and His wholeness are our all in all. God is our highest priority and the rest is second to nothing.

God is all in all.

Bishop Joseph

Dr. Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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