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Worship Must be Biblical

Worship Part 8 – Worship must be Biblical

Our worship is almost nothing new, nothing different from the early churches engaged in several ways of observing praise and worship services. Naturally, some groups want to be different from others. There is a liberals approach, and there are conservatives. Nowadays, worship moves many changes from opening prayer, music, and preaching to closing prayers.

People then and now differ in how they dress up and the make and type of  Bibles they have, but because of the new technology,  many do not bring the actual Bible and instead use digital devices such as cell phones and tablets. As a result, service sometimes is cut off for a shorter time.  

Many churches do not have fellowship for some reason, and when they have one, time is mainly spent gossiping. Many do not indulge in fellowshipping as it only encourages cliques that cause others to stumble. True biblical worship must align with what was written and the added invention to modern worship to make it more alive. It will then depend upon the conviction of the majority of the members to avoid any division.

Worship comprises the following: Consumption of Bread and Wine, metaphorically, the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, popularly called Communion. (Matthew 26:17–30, Mark 14:12–26, Luke. 22:7–39 and John. 13:1–17:26). Praying and Singing in one accord to the glory of God (1 Corinthians 14:15–16, Ephesians 5:19), Collection- give what your heart decides for God loves a cheerful giver (1 Corinthians 16:2, 2 Corinthians 9:6-8).

Reading of the gospel as well as the letters (Colossians 4:16), and the Word of God to be proclaimed: Creator of heaven and earth-Genesis 14:19-20; You alone are holy and majestic-Exodus 15:11; Do as promised- 2 Samuel 7:25-26; LORD loves us completely-1 Kings 8:23; O Lord, hear all of my prayers- Nehemiah 1:10; The LORD controls everything- Daniel 4:34-35; LORD is great and merciful- Daniel 9:18-19; LORD forgive us our sins- Acts 2:38
LORD, thank you for sending the message of light- Acts 26:22-23 and Jesus is coming to claim His bride the church- Revelations 22:12-13 He said he is coming soon. I believe that Jesus fulfilled His promise to come soon and has already built a kingdom in our hearts.   He already claimed us for His kingdom on earth and made us king of that kingdom in our hearts.

What more do we need when He finishes everything?

 It’s now our turn to rule the earth with Him. We can testify that the kingdom of God is around, and all we have to do is believe and walk with Him, accept that the end is now, and witness that pain is gone;  sorrow will not be felt but joy ruled by him until everything is settled under His feet. Then, he will submit to the LORD of the host so that the LORD will be all in all.
We have to open our eyes and see the signs and wonders; let the ear hear the truth as our skin feels that nothing is more significant than to feel the Spirit that touches our flesh.

It’s time to be in Spirit with the LORD to worship Him and glorify Him as the Creator, not the creature. So then, when we proclaim each Scripture listed above every time we speak, hope to our hearts, and love everyone around us, a significant difference will come our way.

Our prayer must be in harmony with the will of God and should be directed only to Him. When Jesus taught his disciples how to pray, known as the “Lord’s Prayer,” He started His prayer this way – “Our Father thou art in heaven”- Matthew 6:9.

We do not need physical or material things, such as the Bible, except if we are doing scriptural prayer. Praying for the dead is not encouraged; sometimes, tradition calls it, but it is not supported. Holding a rosary and pictures of the saints and the statue is something we must consider to free ourselves from idolatry.

God is all in all. We only need one to be saved and have eternal life, which is to live in God’s word. “For God so love the world He sent His Son our Lord whosoever believe in him will not perish but have an everlasting life” John 3:16 God is love. God will not interfere with our Free Will, but in this Scripture, there is a condition that we have to believe and follow the teachings of the Son Jesus, which show us the way to the Father, the proper understanding of who the Father is, and the knowledge of Him.

Jesus clearly said that the kingdom of God is at hand, which means that it is here, and we can enjoy it now if we know where or what the kingdom of God is.

Through the work of the Son Jesus, we received a new life. We are born anew, born from above, a new creature. How awesome it is to have everything new. He wipes out our sins so we can go back to the Father because the Father is perfect. Jesus made us perfect by taking our place.  

We fellowship with God through prayers and should be in Spirit, and our prayers should be directed to Him. 1 John 5:14, NASB: “This is the confidence which we have before Him that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.”

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