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Worship Series: Demonstration of Faith

Worship Part 1 – Worship is an Act that demonstrates our faith.

What is worship? Who can be worshipped? Why do we worship? What happens when we worship the wrong God? Can we worship God on our own? Do we need to have a group to worship God? Do we have to go to a church building or institutional church to worship God? Do we need a Pastor or a Priest to worship God?

It is widespread now hearing from many Christian groups that Jesus is the Creator God.   Is it the truth, and in what way? Can they show proof? Do we have to worship Jesus only? The answer to this question is essential, not only because Christians should know what worship is but also how worship should be practiced.

Worship is praising God to honor, respect, and lift God’s glory. Second, worship is fellowshipping with God by sharing and caring for the word of God. Third, worship is a responsibility- we must have continuous contact with Him. Fourth, worship acknowledges that God exists and is the Creator and Provider of all our needs. Finally, worship is humbleness-we submit humbly to God’s thoughts, ways, and means.

Worship is a relationship.

We are building up our relationship until we belong to one of His many sons. Worship is acceptance- God is all in all. Without Him, we are nothing. Worship is an accepted act of adoration, honor, and reverence to God. Worship can be public or private service characterized by prayers, hymns, and dedication. Worship must be related to the Scriptures in the Eucharistic and universal form of salvation, which is still being practiced to date by various Christian denominations.  

Private or the Holy Spirit must lead public service.  

Faithful believers are workers who will not compromise the word of God to gain their fleshly desire. A worker who avoids arguing with the word of God to protect the hearers not to get confused and create doubts that the word of God is faithful. Sometimes the hearers have second thoughts if the word they heard comes from the man of God who handles the word of truth to God’s highest respect and love, a man who does not lie and delivers empty promises using the divided word.

God wants us to prosper through our hard work and not just wait for wealth to pour from above. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Our prosperity comes in conjunction with our obedience to the word of God, and honoring Him should come from our hearts and not only from our lips. Unfortunately, we learned by experience how persistent these people are in promoting their doctrine and will not easily give up until they finally convince you.

We must try to avoid listening to their teachings when they lie to their teeth, and themselves are mockers promoting the commandment of men.  

Let us all stay strong and reject what is not pleasing to God and keep the commandment of God in our hearts. Be aware of a make-believe teaching whose purpose is only to reach our pocket and overlook the spiritual growth we seek.

True worship can be achieved through hearing the word of God from true Christian Pastors and mature devoted followers of the word of God. These people rejected the commandment of men, their traditions, and their cultures. There is nothing that enters our ears that will reach our hearts.  

It could reach our brains and shake our understanding of the word of God. Still, our faith will come into play defending the Spirit of Truth built in our hearts founded by the Son of God, and we will remain faithful, prepared, and ready to fight a good fight of faith in the arena of the mind where the battle always begins.

Whatever we hear is being transmitted into our brains, and we must be vigilant in nurturing what is good and rejecting the bad. When we let our mouth speaks on behalf of false doctrine, we break the covenant with truth and allow our relationship to be doomed.

Whatever comes from our mouths, fed by our senses and not from our hearts, can defile us. But, if we let our ears hear good music and our eyes see natural beauty, our hearts will feel the joy with the truth that is good and real, noble and trustworthy, and bold enough to let the truth come out and shake the world of unbelief.

Whatever is in our heart, our mouth speaks, so we must be mindful that every word we say can reach and heal itchy ears. Therefore, we have to make every effort in our ministerial work worth lifting to the glory of God and present ourselves approved to God so that lost souls may be found and brought back to Him.

The Holy Spirit will continue to guide and protect us till the end of time when the one and only Judge will reveal Himself so as the other things that remain hidden to many.

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