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I Am SeriesSeries

I Am A Blessing

Part 3 – Is it Luck, or is it a Blessing?

Many still believe in Luck more than anything they receive because they are lucky. Some were lucky to be born with wealthy parents, have a beautiful family, be successful in every decision they made, and get whatever they wanted.

We are blessed because God did it for us to be thankful. Did you ever thank God for all the blessings you received? Maybe not because you think it is Luck. Luck is a chance, but God gives assurance.

When we lack knowledge about ourselves, we can easily make mistakes, referring our success to our lucky star and ignoring that there is One bigger behind every success we receive. We may ignore the reason for our success, but being ignorant is not an excuse innocence does.  

When Adam and Eve were blessed to inhabit the Garden of Eden, we can quickly imagine how wonderful to have a perfect life especially meeting God face to face. However, Adam and Eve’s innocence of the present danger of disobedience at that time was not an excuse to be removed from the Garden.

What’s more, if ignorance causes them to be out of God’s sight, we may be impacted by more significant trouble than we can bear now.

Being lucky and being blessed are two different events in our life.  

There’s no comparison between the two, and we cannot choose to have them.

For example, we cannot compare the sweetness of an orange with an apple, as both have sweetness but a hint of difference. We can easily distinguish between being lucky and being blessed. When we deal with a physical perspective, Luck is more prevalent in usage, especially in gambling, but in spiritual gatherings, the blessing is more common.

Two different things that we can experience, and each one gives happiness to our well-being. God is a Spirit, and blessings come from God who acknowledges Him, while Luck is a physical state that the world made famous and well accepted. Spiritual can have eternal life while physical can see corruption. Sometimes it is easy for us to know God than to know ourselves.  

God is transparent.

God never and will never change the promised word, but He can change the circumstances to fulfill His purpose and will. Human changes most of the time, especially if it gives us a favor.

If the love of money can change the world around you, would you submit, even though you are aware that money is the root of all evil, that you cannot serve two masters that will cause you to love one and despise the other one?

Humans are weak when experiencing austere life. They can easily and quickly make a u-turn, from walking straight to an unfocused direction. When you look at the mirror, instead of saying I was made in His image, this is how God looks absurd.

Who gave you the courage to say that when you know, God will never love money? God is faithful in loving us. That is why we are here today and will be with Him when we are gone. A lack of knowledge is a lack of foundational truth. When Jesus said that He was the truth, He was talking about the truth of the word of God.

We are all actors; the world is our stage, and that is who we are. We perform according to what we can deliver. We are assigned to do something that sometimes we are not aware till later in our act. Sometimes we lead the play, and there are times we are the villain.  

The acts begin when the curtains open; we make great efforts to show the best performance ever. However, regardless of the hard work shown, we still cannot perform any better. These failures to do better are not achieved because sometimes we are not focused, our mind is somewhere else, and we think God is in control.

Life begins as soon as we enter the stage and ends when the curtain goes down. There is time to enter the stage and time to leave. There are neither no excuses nor exemptions that one day when the power of the dust spoiled our body, we may or may not be born again. That is a sacred secret that no one can know except God.

Due to the freedom of our will, our choice becomes our destiny. The Holy Spirit will guide us to the right path, but if we ignore The Spirit to use us, God Himself will not intervene in our chosen destination.  

We want to be with God not because of the many good things we heard about heaven, where there’s never-ending joy, and most of all, the presence of God is the most significant.  

What more do we need when we have the wholeness and fullness of God, His unsearchable and un-measurable richness, and His unconditional love will be felt by those who made it to eternity?

We can shout out loud, coming from our hearts, that the best things that eternal life can give are the nonexistence of fear, worries, and anxiety. No time to catch up on our daily routine, no religion to fight for, any wealth to possess, no greed, and many things our glorious mind and body need will be provided without delay.

The God that provides our needs will put our wants to an end. No more dreams and hope; everything will be there to be enjoyed. The space allotted to us by mother earth will regain its beauty and charm, the birds will sing again, and the beast will have a domesticated behavior, no more eating animal flesh because we may no longer need to eat and work.  

Survival will not be needed because our glorified body will be part of God’s possession. The competition that seems to have no end will be gone; the race division will be whole and in one accord. We will not see decay or corruption of the body anymore.  

All will come to pass, and the new earth and heaven will take place.

Now that we know who we are and where we are let us start back in time to when life began. Life begins with God, and God is good. God is love; he gives us favor that we do not deserve and even keeps on missing the mark, His steadfastness cannot be measured, and His lovingkindness is unparalleled.

Life is concise, and we should not waste time given to us.

Our borrowed body is limited, and we must not waste time finding our way back to God.

After the fall of man due to innocence, we became God’s lost children, seeking to find the Father who made us visible on this mission. Therefore, we can start with a question: What do we have to do to find our way to the Father, our creator?

How can we make our life worth living in the sight of God? How can we qualify to be in the kingdom of heaven when we cannot even defend our kingdom here on earth?

Who can we turn to when nobody seems to listen to the cry of our spirit?  

How can the cry of our souls be lifted so sin can no longer reach us?  

Why does our body’s cry seem so weak that we cannot reach heaven above?  

How can we find the road to our Father’s glorious kingdom?  

These are the cries of the lost children of God who bore sinful nature after the fall.

Many are unaware that crying, begging, and seeking the Father have ceased and a deceased a long time ago due to the belief that the blood sacrifice of the Son Jesus was the only way to salvation.  

Many still don’t understand that leaving the Father out of our journey is a significant human error. We must know by now that when sin entered the earth due to one person Adam, the Father sent the 2nd and last Adam, for a redemptive work.  

The Son Jesus Himself did not claim God’s glory but instead said He would submit to the Father so that the Father would be all and all.

For us not to believe that we are no longer under the bondage of the original sin, we must examine ourselves to know who we are. What are we? Where are you going after this life? The Son Jesus did not just waste His life; he succeeded in erasing the domino effect of the original sin.  

In his last breath on the cross, He said, “It’s finished,” which means the completeness of His mission here on earth was finished.  

We keep on sinning because of our weak nature. We can easily be deceived and tempted, brought to us by our flesh. That is why we should not let our time here on earth goes by without acknowledging the existence of the Father.

We should not let the ignorance of the word of God put us to shame when the time comes. Remember, our time here is temporal and will last forever in eternity. Father God said, “He will bless those who bless you, And He will punish him who punishes you; And in you, all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” Genesis 1:3.

Let us be a blessing to others by witnessing the wholeness and fullness of the Father, the Almighty One, and thank the Mighty Son who brought us in reconciliation with the Father so the Father will be all in all.

We are blessed because we are God’s possession and masterpiece, and we can do the good things he planned for us long ago without delay. When we become a blessing to others, it is a holy joy, and God will be delighted.

We do not need to prove our worth to others but how we value others to be under the wings of God. To Go Back On Top, Click Here

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