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Wisdom of Translation

Part 2: Translate or Transliterate

When former President George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States of America was asked how he would interpret the Bible if given a chance, without hesitation, he answered literally.  The next day politics started to play in all forms of media and the political party that opposed President Bush tried to hold him as if he made a big mistake and made it a big issue with intention to get the attention of the evangelical Christians that support the President.  

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A bad translation can mislead our understanding of the true message and may also bring the members into thinking that the Bible cannot be trusted which may result in people not being united and have their own opinion.

We are vulnerable to many learned ministers that can preach very well, teaching the word according to the book and successfully reaching peoples’ mind.  

These ministers can easily get everybody’s attention because of their skills and years of experience in the pulpit, and yet it is sad to find that they are not giving the whole truth.  It is sad to learn that they cannot do the work without getting paid, and it is not a joke because it is a huge amount.

It is also said that when they plan the  expansion of the worship building to accommodate the increase of the congregation, the plan sounds great as reaching more people means saving more lost souls,  but comes the disappointment when we  find out that the motive is just self-interest – “Having more new members means more money coming in.”  And lastly, it is said that the burden will be placed on the shoulder of every member if it fails to work.  If it works, then the leaders can get 13th-month pay.

How about learning that every paid worker is members of their own family, but there are those that work in individual ministry are free and they called it a calling from above so they can use their gifts?  It is hard and sad to think if you are a true worker of the Word of God why do you need to get a huge fixed salary and sometimes receive a bonus when they meet the quota.

It’s sad to think that the church we called the house of God has become a business.  The true religion cannot be mistaken as it is written in plain literal explanation is to help the poor, the Orphans, and the Widower and nothing else. Does the group do what the Bible says?  Do they help the poor?  

Do they give onetime help and then move to the next one? Are these groups transparent that the money is put aside for a purpose?  Are the plans of the congregation being disclosed?  Or, are they being kept within themselves?  There are so many questions we can ask and if we become bold and noteworthy, we must be ready for the outcome that could either be kicked out or excommunicated for doing the right thing.  

Would we mind? Staying with a congregation in sheep clothing can only hurt our growth and our faith. If we can translate better than what was said, do we think we still need to have a theological degree to understand the literal translations?

Faith wise.  How can we translate what was going on with this pandemic crisis?  Many lives have already changed and still, more are coming to change.  

Immoral movies and TV shows, schools closing, businesses on hold, churches are closed; lots of people don’t have jobs and so much more.  Because of these closings, there is more time watching these shows that give nothing but bad influence on young kids,  putting good moral and right conduct teachings aside.   

Whatever is happening now means something to some people; others even say that this is a reset of human existence which was given a millennial reign and the grace or an extension of time is coming to an end.  

Many are still lost in translation and cannot recover and it is getting more and more exposure that all church people are more lost than those who are not familiar with the word but already a recipient of the seeds.  They are the children regardless of their age who are not exposed to false doctrine or those people who walk away from the faith when they realize that they do not belong to worldly people and some due to leaders’ disgraceful acts they stop attending the congregation.

It doesn’t matter how religious we could be or too religious to be branded matured Christian. It doesn’t matter whether we go to a building to participate in a small or big congregation. What matters the most is our relationship with the one true God our Father in heaven that is in control and the Son the ruler of all the kingdoms on earth, the King of kings and Lord of lords and our position in the Godhead.  

As Jesus said, “Not every one that said unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that does the will of my Father which is in heaven.” He also said, “whoever does the will of my father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”  What these words translated literally to you, is that the Godhead is a family, isn’t it?  

We believe that Jesus is the Son of God; but what is your take when Jesus said to his accuser that they can also be a god. Many, if not all accusers ignored it because they were there to get Him and they were successful in putting the Son of God to death.  

When we claim that we can be god without a doubt, many will judge us on the spot that we belong to a denomination that is not Christian and persecute us behind our backs.  Do we care? Of course not! They are the souls that are lost in translations and we should pity them if they do not stand to be corrected.

How hard would it take when we do all the hard work in the ministry and giving tithes according to the doctrine of the church and yet the church management is not following what the Bible said?  It is sad to say that all the hard work will return void and our hard-earned money becomes the bridge to fulfill their wicked dreams.  

When the time comes and we see Jesus, and we say “Lord I am your brother who works hard for your ministry” and he responded “do I know you?” that is heartbreaking, isn’t it?  We should know that the kingdom is our body, our own domain and the form of government is the rule of God.  

All we have to do is claim, accept, and approve it and the King will rule over it for the glory of God.  We will see in the foreseeable future the effect of these changes which was already revealed to some of his chosen children. The effect of these changes can be felt immediately and to some, it will be given by signs and wonders.

There are people who until now doubted the greatness and goodness of the Father.  They are having a hard time swallowing the truth and they remain blinded by their peers ignoring a clear translation that the name above many names does not mean it is higher than the One that uttered in Spirit the “I AM that I AM” and the One that said “no one else is beside me” I am the LORD; that is my name! I will not give my glory to anyone else, nor share my praise with carved idols.”

How simple was it expressed that we may need an interpreter to translate it?  It is simply literal and we must not confuse it to a figurative speech. We may have heard only half of the truth and still need to hear the other half to make our understanding complete. We can cry out loud, and make speeches of the goodness of the kingdom but if we only tell them half of the truth what good does it do to them?

Do we feel the happiness that we lose when we are called but ignored it?

Do we feel the emptiness in our hearts that only joy can give?  

Many may witness the signs and wonders around, but if they are lost, the message can’t be interpreted the right way and will only be considered to be regular news or events. Those who are lost on interpretation could also be lost in translation that will end up getting nowhere close to the true meaning of the message.

In order to complete a clear message, we need to analyze the message, and then apply it to our lives. When we hear the word of God and do not understand it because of our lack of knowledge of the seed of the word of God, we must believe that we have been seeded and the time will come that this seed will grow within us and will allow us to unveil the truth when the right time comes.

This is the best thing that happens to anybody who hears the word and accepts it.  They have the seed already planted and being planted in them through modern technology, the aggressiveness of the ministers to evangelize, the coming back of prayers in school, and services or mass being broadcasted through media; but the most significant of all, many are fearless to put back what was lost in translation with the Father who is all in all,  is back to be honored and glorified as  the Almighty Father and one True God.  

As we say in human terms what He did before being directly involved with humans (Adam and Eve) lives will come back in Spirit and in Truth. That history will repeat itself but this time our soul and our heart inspiration to know that we are part of the Spirit of the Godhead; we will be seeing God’s face to face from everlasting to everlasting.

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