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The indwelling of the Holy Spirit

Part 4 – The Truth: The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit Series

The Spirit of the Father is solely His, but He is selfless not to share it.  The Word is His attributes, and He is an essence and without that characteristic, nothing will exist. (Without the essence of God nothing is possible to exist).  The essence is a thing that makes a thing a thing. When God makes an utterance it will exist; either it is informed, made something out of it or it will create a new thing.  Once the Word is out, it will exist and no one can stop it except God.  If God finds something in our heart that will level the righteousness of Noah, He will still keep His word and promises, however, the circumstances might be different.

The Son that was born by a woman under the law was fully a man (flesh) and born of the Spirit, made Him fully God.  With the Spirit and with the Flesh, the two natures of the child of God is upon Him.  He was given a mission to deliver the message of the Father that whoever believes in Him will have everlasting life.  We have to be aware of Jesus’ teaching of the kingdom and we know the Father very well through Him. This concept should be taken by the heart to strengthen our relationship and grow with the Father Almighty.

The third person in the doctrine of the Holy Trinity is the Holy Spirit where many until now are not verse who is and what is the Holy Spirit? What does it do to our bodies?  How many are they?  Why do we need the Spirit when we are already breathing in and out of it?  The Holy Trinity is the most forgotten, if not ignored, or neglected part of our walk-in Christian Living. The Holy Spirit dwells with mankind with the permission of the person who possesses the body.  When you accepted the Holy Spirit to dwell in you, it means that you are part of being called or chosen to work on a mission.  If you reject the Holy Spirit to use your body after accepting to dwell within you, it will be an insult that could lead to blasphemy. 

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God that is available to everyone in the entire planet and acceptance is always the means of the indwelling.  Once we accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God, we are rewarded with eternal life, but we also need to be obedient to the Will of God.  God’s promises according to Peter, say that God’s divine power has granted us all things that pertain to life and godliness; through the knowledge of God, we may become partakers of the divine nature of God and avoid the sinful desire that this world becomes. Becoming a partaker of the divine nature of God is having the characteristics of God’s nature as our own.

Many until now do not believe about this truth of the Holy Trinity, because it was not written that can be read and not taught by Jesus Christ or the Apostles.  Not everything that was written can easily be understood. There are reasons why it is not expressed:  one reason, I think is to avoid twisting the truth like any other Scriptures that were divided to promote their own interest. There is Word that was only revealed to the chosen. Some do not believe it and yet they are talking about it and therefore it becomes a reminder that the Trinity exists.  

Why is it in our time we have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit of God when it ancient Israel the Spirit of God has no attempt to dwell among His chosen people?  The people of Israel had rebelled against God.  In various times they worshipped idols, they ignored the power of the Almighty, and they were the stiff-necked people. The Holy Spirit doesn’t dwell into people that are not obedient to His will.  During Moses’ time, God was ready to hand down His wrath but Moses interfered through fervent prayer that He will accept the punishment in lieu of sparing the Israelites.  God said, it will be done and God relented, but He changed the circumstances instead of wiping out the whole race of people, He made the sons of Levi killed three thousand Israelites.

God will never compromise His Spirit for unworthy people who are not obedient to His will. We are so blessed that until now though we are sinners, but God’s loving-kindness is being extended to us, so we may return to our senses and go back to Him.  He even gave us a gift that we can use for our spiritual walk.  We need to understand the truth before we become Christians. We are living in darkness and Christ did a great redemptive work that cost His life; this alone should make us realize how much He loves us and loving Him will allow the Holy Spirit to indwell in us.

The indwelling of the Holy Spirit within us comes bundled with seven spiritual gifts. Everyone is given the gift by the Spirit that may make and use the most of it.

“One man’s gift of the Spirit is to speak with wisdom, another is to speak with knowledge. The same Spirit gives to another man faith, to another the ability to heal, to another, the power to do great deeds. The same Spirit gives to another man the gift of preaching the word of God, to another, the ability to discriminate in spiritual matters, to another, speech in different tongues. Behind all these gifts is the operation of the same Spirit who distributes to each individual man, as he wills.”

Now you are together with the body of Christ, and individually you are a member of Him.  In His Church, God has appointed some to be His messengers, secondly, some to be preachers of power, thirdly are teachers.  After them, He has appointed workers of spiritual power, men with the gift of healing, helpers, organizers, and those with the gift of speaking in “tongues”—8-11

“As we look at the body of Christ do we find all are His messengers, all are preachers or all teachers?”  Do we find all wielders of spiritual power, all able to heal, all able to speak with tongues, or all able to interpret the tongues?  No, we find God’s distribution of gifts is on the same principles of harmony that He has shown in the human body.”—29-30 (1 Corinthian—12:8-11; 12:29-30—JB Phillips New Testaments)

The truth can be found; Ask and the answers will be given to you, seek and you will find and knock and doors will be opened. Those are the steps towards Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the truth of the Word of God. God Bless.

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Bishop Joseph

Dr. Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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