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Product of Belief

Worship Part 3 – Worship is the product of belief (believing)

This is a  message for us to be happy that we are chosen to be notified when the time comes that the end of the ages arrives. Take heed of this warning from Jude, the brother of Jesus Christ, and the brother of James,  who took over the Jerusalem church after Peter left.

We should consider referencing Paul’s words: “Such things were written in the Scriptures long ago to teach us. The  Scriptures give us hope and encouragement as we wait patiently for God’s promises to be fulfilled.” When Jude mentioned the need of Israelites for a Savior during their captivity in Egypt, there was a concern about who Jude was referring to. Is it the Son Jesus or the Father? If there is any ambiguity, we pray and ask for more clarity.  

It is obvious that some of the New Testament Scriptures were written referencing the Old Testament for our instructions and learning and sometimes served as confirmation of things that happened in the past- Romans 15:4

We should not get confused about intermingling worship with believing. Believing is something you know is true, while worshipping is something that you adore, honor, and respect. We worship God because we believe He is a faithful God that helps us during our needs and protects and guides us in our journey on this earth.

Worship and belief work hand in hand and cannot be by themselves alone.

Believing produces faith, hope, and love. At the same time, worship can make a stronger relationship and communication that will prevent us from disconnecting our contact with God, and most of all, it pleases God. Therefore, we have to believe without a doubt (prescriptive) before worship follows (descriptive), and it has to be done that way.  

The confidence that we have when we believe that God is in us,  we become confident that we are called and taken out from the dark side of this world ruled by an evil spirit and hence, will bring us to a brighter and better place where we will work out our relationship with God and to be in the higher level through praise and worship and one on one better communication with Him.

Worshipers are called but not chosen from sin to Christ, from nothing to something, from meaningless to seriousness, from wickedness to doing good things. These things are not limited to what is ascribed in these teachings. We are finite and can only have access to what was given to us by an infinite God according to His Divine Will and Purpose.

Worship is an instruction prescribed, as a rule, to be carried out by the believers to obey. God is everywhere. Any appropriate place can be a place where we can praise and worship God alone. As God’s gift of grace begins the work on our souls and is perfected by the Son, let us continue to trust ourselves in worshipping God.  

The mercy of God is not only for the miserable but also for those who walk away from His care. God is so gracious that He does not want to lose one of us. That is the meaning of grace, and also, because of Christ’s love, we receive mercy and obedience from his commandment of love. The spring of living water comes from this commandment of love, and whoever drinks from it will never be thirsty again and be filled with the Spirit of God.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, gave us a chance to have a new life, cleansed, perfected, reconciled, restored, reformed by God, and renewed by the Holy Spirit, which is the greatest of all.

If we choose to be out, we will only be shut out from the gospel. But those who remain and choose to stay to live within will receive contentment, patience, and courage to deal with the ongoing and seems to be a never-ending battle between good and evil.

However, this time it will be different because we are more covered with indestructible clothe of righteousness: the Armor of God, and we are more prepared and equipped with the revealed word of God that no evil weapons can be used against it.

Worshipping God and proclaiming His greatness can be hard to beat, and no dominion or principalities can stand the power and might of its impact on their ears which will cause them to be deaf and not hear the commands;  their nose will bleed that they won’t be able to smell the danger, eyes will be blinded that they won’t be able to know where to attack. Their brain will be shaken, and they won’t be able to think, which will confuse them. That is how powerful the word of God is when they pursue to fight the unbeatable; then they choose to be defeated.  

It is up to us to have a close relationship with God and live with His word. We must obey His will and love Him with all our hearts, cherish his mercy and grace, and be with Him all day of our lives.

The gospel or good news is also about grace designed to deliver us from sin and bring us back to God. We become God’s sons and daughters as the Holy Spirit leads us. As soon as we receive the truth, we must be contented and bring faith to the highest level so that hope will be greater than it was and love in its glorious beauty.

When we submit to God through worship, that includes acknowledging His existence and his fullness and wholeness; without Him, we may already be under the command of unrighteousness.

No hope, no future, and nothing to look for but the day when judgment comes in His time and ways though that will be the saddest day, and seeing many did not make it, who is to be blamed?  

It is sad when men begin in the Spirit and end up in the flesh. We fell before, and we failed again. We are dead to sin; this time, there is no Savior but ourselves. We have to repent and let the Holy Spirit run our lives. It is not too late for us to walk in faith and manage the kingdom built within us to proclaim the glory of God.

Remember,  we can proclaim that we are under God’s command but without confession, what good does it bring? Nothing,  but just an empty proclamation. We can profess that we are Christians all day long but without confession, how can we claim to be faithful Christians?

As faithful Christians who profess, confess, and submit to the will of God, we are confident that we are secured from God’s vengeance, which will be given to unbelief and disobedient beings.  

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