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Worship is Responsibility

Worship Part 4 – Worship is responsibility

Our privileges can be received upon conversion, and our advantage depends on how we walk our life after conversion.

If we maintain not to fall to sin then destruction will not have a place to ruin our established relationship with God.  The destruction of the unbelieving person has a tooth only for those who do not want to turn back to God.  Stay prideful and unrepentant.

In other words,  they still have the free will to change the circumstances due to them by accepting in their hearts what God conditionally asks as stated in John 3:16. Our privilege to have eternal life is through the Son Jesus and the responsibility to walk next to Him in this age of the kingdom.

The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Egypt’s 10 Plague, the Red Sea, and the Deluge is more than enough to be a loud warning to all the un-repented believers and the unbelievers. We take heed and flee from the desire of the lusts; we should be aware that the favor which is the grace of God is given to us even though we do not deserve it. Jesus Christ is the grace of God and gave us the knowledge of the Almighty God and His government which is also known as the kingdom of God.  

After the ministerial work that led to our redemption, the grace of God continues and whatever we are enjoying at this time is just an extension of His mercy and grace. We always ask the question, when will it end? Nobody knows when!

False teachers are the enemies of the faithful; they are the defiled souls, wounded, and will not give up the call of their lusts because they are enjoying the world which is temporal.  Unless they come to God and bow down and ask for forgiveness,  they will not be free from the coming wrath. They are powerless compared to those that are ordained by God, Romans 13:1.  

God provided all that is needed in this world and through the power of His Word everything has been created and we do not need to do anything but to do the responsibility in taking care of it. This should remind all those who are still in doubt about the power of God.  His perfect love to those who believe and have faith in Him and vengeance to those who remain to be unbelievers and who sin continuously.  

As true sons of God, we should keep ourselves in the love of God and let the Holy Spirit of God do its job in us and for us. Our failure to let the Spirit operates according to what we are called for is rejecting the gift of the Holy Spirit intended to be shared to spread the message of the Father through the obedient work of the Son Jesus.  

Before Jesus ascended into heaven and sat at the right hand of God, Jesus requested the Father to send the Holy Spirit to take place in His absence.   However,  the church swung to a different direction and the majority of preaching calling the name of the Lord but neglecting the power of the Holy Spirit.

The power of the Holy Spirit was not emphasized and there are still many who are still ignorant to think that we can be effective without the power of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit confirms the preaching is from God’s Word and everyone that hears the preaching will validate the truthfulness because the Holy Spirit is present in our body.

Every institutional church has fallen away from ministering the gifts of the Holy Spirit and definitely is not filled with the Spirit.  Even small churches who are claiming to be being non-denominational are just doing what the big churches are doing- omitting the Holy Spirit in their service and sometimes even the Father has been omitted too and focus just to the Son.

This is sometimes can be misjudged of being an Oneness congregation. This is not the Lord’s intention why He requested to send a comforter in his absence. Support those that belong to God. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in us and with us, which we have received from God and therefore belong to God. This simply means that God lives in us with His Spirit. Since God is a Spirit, our spirit will definitely be converted with the Spirit of God and we become a partaker of His Divine nature.  This means that we behave in the likeness and character of God. When we worship God, we worship Him in Spirit and not our body made of flesh.

Worshipping God in Spirit and in truth is in line with Jesus’ word. When Jesus encountered a Samaritan woman in the well of water, heard His word and later accepted the teachings of Jesus and became a believer.  

From freshwater to living water that once you drink it you will never get thirsty again. Jesus talked about salvation and The Father God said, that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.  Some may take this hard sell to swallow because the Spirit is not in him and his spirit still part of his soul that belongs to this world.

God will not be delighted to have an unforgiving, prideful, and disobedient heart, but those that possess a forgiving heart will prosper and when they confess and renounce wickedness they will find mercy.

God will not despise those with humble heart and obedience to the commandment of the Son Jesus which is a commandment of love. For those who decide not to worship the Giver of life, they will not also receive the bread of life offered only through the Son to have a new life, born from above with renewed and refreshed spirit.

It is not easy, if not impossible, to find mature Christian without contradicting the principles of other groups of Christians that belong outside their denomination. Christian denominations break the unity of the Spirit and become the unity of a spirit.  There’s a  never-ending question why some denominations do not believe in certain teachings written in the Bible.

Why there are so many versions of the Bible that sometimes cause confusion? Why Christians who are loyal to their congregations will never accept any corrections to what they learned from many years?  

How can we make corrections when the leaders themselves won’t cooperate for fear that may cause their member to leave the congregations and may also cause division. Sometimes due to financial needs, they continue to lie?

It says in the 2 Timothy 3:16 “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness”.   

When the time of judgment comes, Is it the leaders that will be judged for this disobedience to the word of God or the members that did not confront the leaders, to tell the truth,  or both?  Is innocence or lack of knowledge of the Word of God a good excuse to be saved?  

The spiritual growths of the members lie on their Pastors/Leaders and for the members not to find the growth that they are seeking for few years of attendance and for Leaders that cannot feed that hunger for their members. God knows our hearts and separate ways could be better.

It is important to worship God with our whole heart anywhere.  It could be either in our friend’s house, in our house, under the tent in a park, in the lobby, or any rented space as long as we are not a distraction to possible convert who is watching or observing how we celebrate the day of the Lord.

This would be better rather than staying in a place that will cause us to stumble or hear ambiguous teaching where truth doesn’t manifest in the person using the pulpit. When considering for a place of worship (building) we should look for a place where the gospel is being preached, that the Preachers practice what they are preaching, Sunday school or Bible Studies is a must.

Financial Transparency and Spiritual growth of the members must be discussed in a timely manner. The last but not the last, we should not be looking for Pastors that only entertain the attendees and Preachers that only give joy to the souls and not to the Spirit.  What is important is that it must be led by a knowledgeable person whom we can trust and does not divide the word of truth.  

Our house, your house, and any one’s house is a possible house of worship as long as we do it right and the teachings must be in accordance with the word of God – The Bible.

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