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Natural or Spiritual: Short Series 5

We can be natural and spiritual. (Short#5 of 5)

Christ having died for all means a universal cleansing of sin or total redemption. But humans have been divided in their understanding and acceptance of the Son’s work. The adversary is successful in this regard. It puts everything in a different perspective, and God let it happen because the time of the upper limit of Grace has not yet come.  

Jesus,  the Gift of Grace, fully redeemed our sins and paid in full to settle God’s pending judgment. (2 Co 5:15). This should have significant implications on how Christians organize their priorities and keep their lives in place. From this day forward, we should always be mindful of the finished work of the Son Jesus, paying for our sins, the sins that he has nothing to do. Christians should not have a different point of view regarding Salvation; it is a gift from God. No one should look at different viewpoints. Jesus means God saves; what more do we need to enlighten our minds with the understanding that God sent Jesus, the Son, to deliver the message of Salvation? Do not look at things that will cloud your position, such as who the Savior is and who the Savior is. Likewise, who is the LORD? Who is the Lord?

We should not consider the flesh when we are discussing spiritual matters. We would only end up in disagreement. We regard someone according to flesh only when our Spirit is in one accord. We should not also look at people from their viewpoints when the Spirit disagrees; that will only lead to becoming judgemental. Being in one Spirit can develop shared values, and we do not look at things differently, especially in doctrinal views. For centuries, this has been the issue in Christianity. Why so many different denominations, different versions of the Bible, and days of worship? Sometimes, we are baffled by who we are giving praise to, and sometimes, we do not know how to end our Prayer.

Christ’s life, death, and resurrection are almost the center of the New Testament teachings because they surround many things, if not all, about Jesus and the dependency of our Salvation through his redemptive and reconciliatory work to renew our relationship with the Father. From a new point of view, many believers nowadays are more to Jesus, and sometimes the Father is hardly mentioned. One of the four Gospels teaches Jesus as God. My concern is that God is the most significant character in the Bible, not to be missed by the three Gospels, yet they don’t mention Jesus being God. Christians have their evaluation that differs from one another; that is why there is no settlement to hard sayings of the Bible verses.

We have known Jesus Christ according to the flesh, which has overwhelming evidence, and some came out of Jesus Christ’s testimony. Some say he is God in the flesh, yet Jesus said God the Father is mightier than Him. The Father sent him, and every word coming out of his mouth is what the Father wants him to say. And the Father loves the world that He sent His begotten Son; through him, the world might be saved. We can see the collision between the natural and spiritual. On the list, we mention that the Father is distinct from the Son, and there are more passages we can dig into, and I leave some for you.

Before becoming Christian believers, we considered God the supreme being to praise and worship alone until the universal Church monopolized the religious beliefs of an individual or group of individuals. They controlled many households with the stigma of fear, and parents passed it on to their offspring. That is how we are rooted to fear being afraid instead of being respectful. It is nothing but mind-controlling minds. If they are disobedient, they are bound to hell; when they are obedient, it is heaven. The church leaders saw this as a very effective and robust evangelistic way to a big harvest.

I decided to leave you with these words to nurture. 1 Peter 4:10-11: “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as in its various forms. “If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that God may be praised through Jesus Christ.”

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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