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Natural or Spiritual: Short Series 4

We can be natural and spiritual. (Short#4 of 5)

However, We cannot please God by quarreling about His Word or gain His attention by peacefully agreeing without understanding. Yet He appeals to sinners to put aside their hatred and carnal minds and accept the offered Salvation. The Son’s death paid for the world’s sins, yet not all accept and believe that through him, the world will be saved. If they only accepted the purpose of his coming, we should not be in this situation, but it may result in unisom. One God, one belief system, one Spirit united, we all stand and will avoid the disunity of mind when defending a different belief system. The drastic change by rejecting the Son of the Jewish people is the involvement of the Gentiles, which is longing for a Savior, while the Jews are longing to have a king and waited for a Messiah.

Paul reminds the Corinthians that God’s new creation has begun, and they are part of God’s possession. If we are not a Corinthian, does it mean this reminder is not for us? Since the letter is for the Corinthians, simple yes, not for us, but we believe we are sinners who need a savior and genuinely believe in God, willing to repent to reconcile and have a relationship with God. Our concern is entirely about the Gentiles’ Salvation since the Jews are the chosen people of God. Without a doubt, Salvation is readily available to them, and all they need is to change their mind and accept Jesus as the Messiah they have been waiting for centuries since the assurance of the Salvation of the Jews with little condition. Supported by the word of Jesus, he came for the lost sheep of Israel and even told his disciples not to go the way of the Gentiles. The new religion preached by Paul changed the whole belief system and added confusion to believers who already had a mindset of the old.

Some believers are confused, especially when the apostles of Jesus Christ preach the doctrine of Christ, the Jewish leaders of the Old Testament, and Paul’s newfound religion. We can imagine how confused they were. We are no longer worried about their worries during that time. We are more equipped today than the believers of yesteryears because of the progression of human intelligence due to advanced technology. The worries now are to be mindful of who is telling the truth or close to being accurate and peachers wearing sheep’s clothing.

Does being born mean a new religion, a new doctrine to embrace? Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old Life is gone; a new life has begun! KJV Therefore, if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things have become new. God has provided Salvation and reconciliation for us through His Son. Our new identity is as sons and daughters of God, faithful stewards of God’s Grace, and not servants who do not know what the masters are doing.

 We must stay firm and not lose hearts even though our physical bodies are wearing off due to stressful daily struggles to make ends meet. The effects of losing the battle, both physical and spiritual, have a significant impact on staying solid and crushing, which may end in a melting pot of H pe. We should not be hopeless because it affects our Faith in a big way. Without Hope, there will be no growth in Faith; without Faith, we will not be able to please God. Today might not be good, but the Hope of tomorrow may be the answer to alleviate the pain of yesterday.

We could say this because, in certainty, not all things are perfect due to our sin, so expect imperfect days to come but eventually g . There is no permanence on this earth, but there is Hope of eternal Life that will last forever. Our inner selves are renewed daily, and our outward man perishes and returns to dust, hoping to rise again with a new bod . There is a saying that many souls are waiting for the body to be born again, like the caterpillar who has traveled many distances to find a place where it can bury its flesh to have a new body, better than before— from an ugly caterpillar to a beautiful colorful butterfly. Old things are passed away, and all things become new and Biblica  From our present glorious place to another much higher glorious place is how we live from glory to glor . To God be the glory. God bless everyone.

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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