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Introduction: Natural or Spiritual Series

We can be natural or spiritual, but we cannot be both simultaneously. If we try to use spirituality in a natural discussion to swing the topic to favor our side, the value of the natural discussion usually diminishes. Humans are not perfect in not making mistakes, so in any discussion, there should be a listener and a speaker. But if God speaks, all must be listeners. No human can perfectly interpret His word without understanding or personal revelation. All His works were done by His words, either spoken or written in the right way and a suitable period of dispensation. And, of course, except for the first man, whom He formed with His hand in His pleasure and with a purpose that, up to this generation, it remains a mystery why He created Humans only to self-destruct due to sin. We may, therefore, say with David: “I meditate on all Thy works; I muse on the work of Thy hands” (Psa 143:5).

In all the works of God, we find specific commandments, not only what we call a Law, a Lawmaker, enforcer, and a judge, but on top of these responsibilities, He is a Savior. When God speaks, He is in action not only in the spiritual realm but by human nature. Our natural approach is to limit our way to righteous living. We are lost souls without God to supervise us daily; our natural being cannot guide us to the right path.    We speak of laws, but they are nothing if we care less because the lawmaker is not enforcing them because of their interest. The human government fails to weigh the rights of the unfortunate with those of the influential. The law carries it out when the powerful says so. God makes laws, implements and executes them without prejudice.

Since we live in a natural world, our actions depend on the recipients’ reactions. Other than that, it is easy to get along with somebody if we understand how to live in God’s ways. How to be united in Spirit. Always bear in mind that His works and words are perfect as He is perfect, which will serve as an inspiration to be like Him.

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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