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Worship is Empowerment

Worship 5 – Worship is empowerment

Worship is not just in and out, singing a little, dancing a little, giving and listening, but also involvement in the service by using our gifts. If the leadership does not allow the gift God gave us, they deny the grace you have received.

Worship empowers us to express our commitment to spiritually grow with one another, fellowship without any intentions to lead to gossip.

Worship includes asking for God’s forgiveness, empowerment, reaching lukewarm souls, and equipping everyone with the word of God.

Worship should make everyone happy and enlightened.

The word of God must be the center and focus on no one other than God. The word being preached must be plain and simple for easy understanding, and the Scripture must be literarily interpreted to be acknowledged and easily understood by the less good ear that did not get an opportunity to prosper.

Those who oppose this notion, possess disordered appetites and affections for the unfortunate and don’t have a heart and life don’t deserve to be called sons of the Highest.

What do we profit from when we start in the Spirit and end in the flesh? There is none! What is profitable to gain a lost and ignorant soul or to harvest gold and silver?

Hopefully, none in the ministry will prefer gold and silver over the people that will offer themselves as living sacrifices. Both Physical and Spiritual presence is needed in worship.

The physical absorb the teachings through its senses, while the spiritual will confirm either to reject or to accept such teachings. The Spirit of discernment is one of the gifts that will manifest in a given situation, but if we ignore it, then free will, which is also a gift, will take charge, and we have to be aware every decision we make is according to what the Spirit tells us.

Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit; if we refuse to listen to the Holy Spirit, then we are not in Spirit. Therefore, to deny the Holy Spirit to use us could lead to blasphemy, and to allow it is God’s delight.

How do we know if the Spirit wants to use just the Spirit or us, which could be the Spirit of the unjust?

We worship God with our heart’s desire, and through our heart, the decision will be made if there is more excellent resistance than assurance not to do. It is more likely the right decision to make.

Any conviction that may occur is a sign that it is the wrong way. Therefore, we must go the other way and talk to Him (prayer) before making steps. One of the reasons we worship God is to strengthen our faith, hope, and love, and we sing glory to God with our hearts and not just opening our lips, and we give thanks to the Holy One because of continued guidance and protection and not merely because of the blessings we receive.

We were once dead and buried to original sin due to a fallen state and are now redeemed by the Son of God, which is part of our worship, proclaiming the victory of our Lord and brother Jesus Christ in defeating death and being reconciled to the Father.

Redemption was once made by the Son and will never happen again. When the Son was on the cross, He said the last word, “it’s finished.” The saving grace is our only hope, and coming to submission to God’s mercy will be the only chance.

We have to do it with our effort, and with the Holy Spirit’s help, we can return to God, who has an open arm to accept our request for forgiveness. So Peter said in Acts 2:38, “Repent, and let every one of you is baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

Repenting and being baptized by the Holy Spirit is the way to cleanse us from our present sins.

False teachers are ungodly people claiming to be men of God who must expect the worst punishments ever in this world, for they deceive many to fall and walk away from God’s truth. These people will sink into the darkness forever on the Day of Judgment and never come back for good.

We should avoid worshiping God with those who please their sinful appetites and passions for their excellence and advancement without considering the consequences of a higher degree of punishment. Mostly these people are self-righteous, follow their passion, and have no compassion for men.

We must avoid such people, and we are only to follow those who preach and teach the gospel of Jesus about the kingdom of God and do exactly what they preach and teach.

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