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Part 4 -Rooted in Religion

Who am I? Who are you? Who are we? Why am I here? Why are you here? Why are we here? Why am I here today and gone tomorrow? Have we asked that question why we are here today and gone tomorrow?  

It seems to be a mind asking its own and expecting an answer from a different source. It’s a legitimate question of a confused mind, and those who lack an imagination may not even come to this point of asking about our existence and just let life run its course.  

Life is full of pain and suffering, a struggle to make ends meet; worries, fear, and anxiety make life longer and feel like a journey without end; yet life is too short when life comes easy.

If we were not born, who is going to ask those questions? One thing is for sure: someone will, but if we do not exist, would we be able to know it? We do not consider the consequences of getting old when enjoying our youth.

Many of us, especially young people, do not tend to care about the future. Instead, they enjoy their youth and let their parents be responsible for providing food, clothing, and shelter. In return, we must follow the house rules, and life will be easy, and living in harmony with our parents is a piece of cake.

When we reach adulthood, we are introduced to new people, make friends, new environments, and new lifestyles, and sometimes, we feel that we do not need our parents on our back and want to be independent. However, when those wishes are fulfilled, we realize that half of our actions may not even be enough to satisfy what we want.

Meeting somebody to be a part of our life is undoubtedly an enjoyable segment until the relationship becomes serious, and we decide to settle and get married with plans of having children. Having a family is a big responsibility, and sometimes, you must sacrifice your time and hobby, including rearing your children.  

Our parents reared us the best way they could and gave us the best life they thought we must have. Maybe not all parents, but some parents started to teach us how to pray,  taught us about God who is available in times of need, that we should fear God without further explanation, that we should attend mass every Sunday, that God is a jealous God and again without any further explanation.  

These were shoved into our minds because they were not explained to them either by their leaders, and their knowledge is limited compared to what we now access.

Imagine if our forefathers knew exactly what doctrinal views they passed to us; maybe we are better and different persons today. In that case, we would have learned the teaching of the word of God rightly divided, which is pure and unblemished.

In the earlier times, because of the doctrine of fear of not going to heaven, people donated lands to the church, gave up their savings, and everything else they saw was worth trading as a pass to go to heaven, but these things are not biblical at all.

As Paul said, “Love does no wrong to a neighbor,” and lying is a sin against God. How can these church leaders do such things if they believe in God’s law?

Suppose we only receive the teachings of the accurate interpretations of the word of God. In that case, we will be more exposed to developing our close relationship with God than being faithful to a religion that sells indulgences, grabs our forefather’s lands, abuses the kids, and the worse is that they bore children who are out of the context of what they preach.  

God’s commandments apply to all humans to obey and serve Him with their hearts and souls. The issue arises when the day comes to receive the truth; there’s a feeling of fear to leave the old teachings, a force holding to go forward, and the mind of not giving up to the new teachings for many reasons; it could be lack of statue, in and out service, no tithes and no commitments and ultimately; it is hard to be uprooted when you are not a seeker of the truth.

It is the mind that decides, not the heart.

The Bible clearly states that no one can serve two masters; either you will hate and love the other. The Bible also mentions that the love of money is the root of all evil. This is proven repeatedly, and these are the worldly, materialistic, who are more focused on gaining wealth than gaining the love of God.

The leaders who do not care may know something we do not know. If these people do not believe in hell, which is why they are enjoying life under the pretense of sin, that is not the eternal happiness that heaven provides.

We must devote ourselves to one true God and no one else besides Him.  

This is better than living under the influence of temporary happiness offered by the world, which is evil. Love God with understanding and wisdom will come into play with power and authority better than any form of offerings and sacrifices. Loving God humbly with all our hearts and souls is enough to delight Him. The more closely we are drawn to God, the more we discover who we are. Our true identity becomes well-pronounced and established.

Who we are in human eyes is less important than who we are in God’s eyes.

Suppose we are rooted in a belief passed on to us from our parents, which they inherited from their parents. In that case, it will be a struggle to uproot it, but if we follow our heart’s desire for the truth and not the dictate of our mind that stored fear, we may find ourselves who we are and start feeling the freedom from the bondage of fear.  

We can proclaim ourselves fearless soldiers of the accurate word of God. Religion cannot give us the key to heaven, but faith’s defender does.

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