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Wisdom: Knowledge and Understanding

As many of us may know, the Bible Scriptures are known to be written either in metaphor or figurative. There are later versions that are translated more literally but still need a learned person to interpret them for confirmation of our understanding of what we have heard from others.  

We go to church to hear the word of God being preached and how the teachers share their knowledge during Bible studies or Sunday school. During Bible studies or Sunday school, the listeners have the freedom to ask questions, while unlike in preaching, the preacher cannot be stopped from asking anything.

In preaching, we sit and listen, and if we wait until the service is finished. Sometimes, the likeness of asking and getting an answer is gone, and sometimes, the Pastor cannot be approached for many reasons.

Without Bible studies and Sunday school in a congregation, we can feel our spiritual growth is hindered. That gives us some reasons to question and doubt that the knowledge and understanding of the word we heard from the preacher could be the tenet of the church organization. Before we commit to joining any religious group, we must first know their doctrine, beliefs, and if their position corresponds to what we expect them to deliver.  

There are many denominations in the Christian religion, and some do not even believe what is written in the Bible. However, we know that the Christian religion focuses on Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and is widely accepted in the Christian world.

The Father cannot be a father without a child; a child will not exist without a father. We should not be ashamed of rightly dividing the word of truth to make it more fitting and acceptable to many, if not all. If doubt hangs on our minds, our faith can be easily weakened.  

One legitimate reason for members not to stay in a congregation and jump from one church to another is the instability of the teachings.

Accountability of members’ spiritual growth and Money becomes part of the leader’s and the members’ relationship. Some Preachers are good at entertaining the congregation, and they make time to fellowship with the members and, in return, make the members feel blessed.  

Sometimes the hearers are so overwhelmed that their soul brings laughter and clap until their hands until they turn red and some even jump with joy and satisfaction, very entertained that give the preacher the week’s accomplishment.  

However, sometimes we get home after everything; we start to have questions and ask ourselves what we have learned from the preaching. We realized, Nothing! What we heard were the same things over and over, week after week. Almost every service is the same for many years of attending service- the way to salvation.

This is true without salvation; our belief might not be as strong as we have now, and our hope will not even exist.  

Is it necessary to hear a thousand times about salvation to be saved? Does attending every service will give you more assurance of salvation?

The most important thing to remember is we are not there for headcounts, giving tithes, or socializing; we are there for our spiritual growth. If no one is responsible for our spiritual well-being, we are in the wrong place. The place of worship takes care of its sheep, and the Pastor is accountable for our spiritual growth.  

If the church is just creating ministries and delegating the leadership to the members, then it might lead to the blind leading the blind, seeking the truth. The relationship between the Pastors and the members will only be developed when they meet regularly in Bible studies, Sunday school, ministry meetings, and many other ways to know each other.

Many walk away from big churches because of the lack of friendly relationships between the leaders and their members. Personal friendship is hard to find now. Pastors are finding no time to visit a sick member, distancing from marital problems and other family matters involving members, fundraising left and right, and sending children to revival events at the expense of the members.

The bottom line is that the members’ pockets and spiritual gatherings will be the same burden regarding financial needs. Some churches even ask the members to give money to a visiting pastor they personally invited.  

Are all these about money that the money donated to the church stays in the church and cannot be broken? The money that is in the member’s pocket can! Their salary comes from donations, and it’s okay! Their bonuses are also okay! Some expenses are also okay!!! As long as it favors them, it’s okay!

The church world has not changed since I can remember.   It is the church leaders whose interest is not the members’ spiritual growth but the church administration’s survival. Members want their church membership to grow and to have a healthy relationship with each other. Still, the leaders sometimes think differently, perhaps thinking first of their financial security before anything else.  

When Jesus was doing his pastoral work, he walked and talked about his Father, our God’s message, to us about the kingdom at hand. Jesus did not receive compensation and used any luxury car or jet to reach people from the flatlands to the mountainside. Instead, he died for us so we could live.  

Is there any Pastor nowadays that will take a bullet for their members?

Some Pastors hire bodyguards for themselves, and I will not be surprised if their car is also bulletproof.

The leaders in a big or mega congregation don’t know you, me, or us. They mingle more with people of their level and forget the ordinary members that when they pass by, they pass by as if they saw Nothing. Leaders take advantage of the excitement of new members, especially the new converts who, at the time, feel the welcoming heart of the church people. These new members are overwhelmed but will realize that everything was just hypocrisy.  

As we go through this Christian journey, one by one, we notice many things that need to be improved. Suggestions will be raised but sometimes, the response maybe not be good and could be, “there is no perfect church.” You can bring the concern to the governing bodies, but it stops there. No regular member can make a change, especially when it involves the church’s finances.

I will not be surprised that 99% of churchgoers will accept that we are the church and not the building when the time comes.   Though it makes a difference, the leadership will disagree with the changes, except when the church executive board has power or control over hiring and firing preachers.  

Why do Preachers use salvation in preaching most of the time? Are we not saved after our conversion? Will it save us more if we keep on hearing salvation being preached? In more than ten years of hearing salvation, does it change our position compared to those with fewer years?  

The reason is probably that salvation comes bundled with fear. We fear being unsaved when we sin, but we must remember that once we are saved, we are saved, and it cannot be undone. Salvation freed us from the bondage of sin and from fear of going to hell. Our flesh is designed to sin and die, but not the Spirit, which is God’s ownership.

The accurate interpretation of the church comes alive after the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, and that is when the New Testament kicks in. We know that a testament is not in force while the testator is still alive. In the matter of Jesus Christ, He died once, and it is indisputable, but His legacy is written as his will.  

We are the church; our body is the church and known as the Body of Christ, and being the church, we should follow the teachings left by Jesus Christ to the Apostles, who then continued the legacy of Jesus Christ until the time when the revelation came into play. From the temple of God to the church as the Body of Christ, and now it’s the kingdom of God.   

Life began from God, and we will give back our Spirit and start with a reformed body and renewed Spirit. If we are not aware, we must not be shaken that after learning the proper interpretation of church is us, it could have ended our knowledge that the church age ended many years ago. Do not let disappointment put us down; the church doctrine has been twisted and abused. The grace given to the church age has ended, and as usual, humans continue to disregard to live a righteous life; church leaders continue to ignore to correct the error they made.

Now comes the kingdom Jesus Christ announced during His ministry here on earth. We heard the word; we are instructed to follow the rule of God.   God established our kingdom and domain, and when we mismanage, we are accountable to it. We are the king of our kingdom and the Pastor of our domain.

The Holy Spirit, who will guide us in our journey, will help us on our path straight. There will be no more bending or twisting of the word because it is easier to apply our daily living. That is called Love as the greatest of all laws in the government of God. If we apply true Love in every situation and somebody interprets it wrong, then the problem is not ours to carry.  

The Love of God is good, and God’s rule of Love is excellent.

Idolizing or worshipping outside God’s rule of Love violates the goodness of God. God’s rule is perfect; His wholeness and fullness cannot be measured. Therefore, throughout the world, the government of God will be a joy to everyone that practices it.

It is time to move on and preach and teach the Love of God and let others know that the kingdom you are enjoying is also the same one they can enjoy.

There are three ways to find out on our own about the truth of what we heard before and what we observed that is happening today and what the results will be. First, interpret, translate, and examine, then the application into our lives.

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