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God was directly involved in human lives during ancient Israel. At the same time, Jesus got involved when the Father sent Him so that the world may be saved through him. Jesus’ teaching was and is about the Father and the Kingdom. Not once He said He is God, but instead, He said we could be gods. He did not teach His Disciples to pray to Him but instead to the Father. Jesus did not speak to worship Him, but the Father told the angels. Jesus did not say He is greater than the Father; He said the Father is mightier than Him.

The Father did not send Jesus to die for our sins, but Jesus laid down His life on His own. When Jesus said He was going to raise the dead, he did. When He said to Peter on this rock, I will build my church, Jesus did! No one gets it. Jesus said He would ask the Father to send a comforter instead of Him; the Father granted the Son’s request. When Jesus said He was coming back soon, many still didn’t get it.

When you know who is speaking, you will know who is coming, and when you see who is coming, you are free from the understanding of men. Many centuries ago, a wise thinker, Socrates, said: “There is only one that is good, knowledge, and one who is evil is ignorance.” To this date, the coming soon of Jesus Christ is still in the minds of many believers. All the apostles and followers of Jesus at that time were promised of the coming soon, that some would still be alive and may witness the event. But, it came to pass. All were gone, and the arrival of the Son did not happen.

Many Christians are still talking about the coming soon (Millennialism). Some are pointing out that Jesus already came (Preterist) many centuries ago in fulfillment of His promise. Either side does not want to give up and continues the discussion. Before the ascension, Jesus promised to request the Father to send us a comforter in his place. You may have noticed that the Trinity was mentioned above.  

How soon is it? We often miss asking, which is essential to lessen any ambiguities, especially regarding promises. For example, when Jesus told Peter, he would build his church on a rock. Was Jesus holding a rock, pointing to it, or standing on it? To whom was Jesus talking? To Peter alone or also to other apostles? Who was the audience? Sometimes, when they write, they speak their minds. Sometimes, they express their work in figure of speech; sometimes, it is literal and easier to understand; sometimes, they mix everything. Whether the figure of speech or literal, it still needs to be analyzed for a complete understanding of the message.

Many remain confused about why many churches, denominations, days, and service hours exist. Why do some of these denominations not believe what is written in the Bible? When you ask, their excuse is that “they just don’t teach it.” One Bible, One God, is believed to be the word of God, yet a group of writers change some wordings and verses and, consequently, omit the whole context of the message.  

There are so many versions of “The Bible” with little modifications that they can claim as their own. The Bible is the breath of God, written to guide us and to learn and earn from it. I am on the right path to His Kingdom in heaven. If these people can make some changes, God will probably allow them to change what was written. G never changes His mind; when He says it, He will do it. So w, are these changes being made? Are we falling into some lies or deceptions? Can we save ourselves if we are unaware of adopting false teachings?

At present, we have a wake-up call going on now throughout the whole world. Therefore, let us be mindful and stay focused on the Blesser and not on the blessings, to the promisor and not to the promises, and by faith, our submission is to the One True God, the giver of life;  The Alpha and the Omega,  the one Who Is and Who Was to come, the Almighty. Remember when Jesus said that “the Father is mightier than him”; therefore, the Almighty One is the Father Himself. The Lord Jesus said, “When everything is put under His (Jesus) feet, He will submit to the Father so that the Father will be all in all.

Let us pray, Almighty God, thank you for the revealed truth, Jesus the Mighty Son for your redemptive work, and the Holy Spirit who made this enlightening experience. We honor you, give you thanks from the bottom of our hearts, and claim that the Kingdom established by Jesus, the Mighty Son, is ours to defend.

Father, into your hand, we put our destiny, and we faithfully believe that without you, we are nothing; you have given us a chance and still giving us a chance to be with you. But, fa her, we believe that Your blessing will provide us with protection and guidance and not an option but an assurance to enter and enjoy your Kingdom. We think that your rule to be obedient has been in place since the beginning of time because you are the Father who does not change His mind, the Father whose word is specific and that you will never leave us nor forsake us, and we rest assured that You will do it.

We ask you, Father Almighty, with your Mighty Son Jesus, to forgive us for our trespasses and those who lack knowledge and understanding and have offended You. Your Son Jesus once said that whoever does the will of my Father is “my brother, my sister, and my mother.” Without a doubt, we claim that the word is accurate and is a perfect imperfection. We need help, and as sons of God, we ask for help in achieving the purpose and will of the Father. When Jesus said that there are many rooms in Your mansion, He will prepare a room for us. It is inspiring, and let our joy stay until we meet you face to face.

Jesus, your Son our Lord, our brother, said that He would request to you, Father, to send us a comforter on His behalf, and we thank you for that grace, and we are safer and closer to you having your Holy Spirit within us. Thank you for the guidance and protection; granting that request is a joy forever. We have this ongoing virus worldwide; we ask the Father to strengthen our bodies and cover us with His wings of protection and the shield of His mighty word. Father, help protect the world with your love, mercy, and grace. May the world’s people acknowledge that you are the one true God and no one else!

Let the blessings pour abundantly unto this world and contain the virus and other diseases of this sick world. Let the leaders have your wisdom to rule the earth with love and compassion. Let this worldwide experience be a wake-up call for all the world’s people to bow down and submit without a doubt to your wholeness. LO D GOD, you are the only one we can lean on in times like this, and I believe this request will not return void. Ma e, this wake-up call is the way to clear out all the misunderstandings by every leader of the world, domestically and internationally.

Oh God of Host, we submit this request to you.

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