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God Involvement- Part II

God was directly involved in human affairs even after the first man, Adam, fell into temptation, which is proof of His love. Although God made it known to humans that He hates sins, human strength still leads to sin, and he cannot resist doing it. However, that is not true because we humans still fear offending God because of the consequences it will bring. The truth from the human perspective is that it hates sin and does not enjoy doing it, more particularly if the conscience resists but urges the body. The issue is not because of the love of doing it but the happiness and joy it gives the flesh. 

Why are there corrupt officials who make laws, and yet they are the number one in corruption? Why are there ministers who preach the Word’s goodness and are not doers of what they preach? Why are there more corruptions of any kind than doing straight and good work? Why favoring money becomes more potent in distracting our rightful decision? 

We are in a fallen state, and no matter what we do at the end of the day, it’s foolishness because there is always sin involved. Little or big sin is still a sin. That is why God was pushed to carry on His decision to wipe out humanity during Noah’s time because of the continuous sinning. However, life was reset after the deluge, and it did not stop God from Himself in human affairs.

God called Abram His friend and even promised that all nations would be blessed through him. God even changed Abram’s name by putting His name in the middle and calling him Abraham. God continuously spoke to humans in many different ways,  but humans could not live without sins. God then gave  Laws to be followed, but humans went back to worship God for a  short time and were then overpowered by the desire of the flesh, overpowering the spirit that also gives future life. Too many transgressions of the law, and there is no way humans can survive another wave of wiping the human race. 

Worshipping God started from the mountain to the tent, to the temple. God desired to continue the existence of the human race, that He made a covenant with the Son, and that the Son established the church’s doctrine. Thus,  the message that is part of the covenant about the kingdom of God was shared through Jesus’ ministry. But, unfortunately, it was entirely misunderstood at that time. Even Jesus’ disciples didn’t get it.

There is already an existing issue of misunderstanding who and what the church is. First, they thought that Peter was the church, and then came the Pope, who found success in putting in the mind of believers the hierarchy of the papacy. Then, due to the protest made by a church member, the evangelicals got a piece of the history of the church and therefore concluded that the church is considered a building. Until later this century, many got enlightened and found that the true church is not a building but a body of believers.

The new covenant was proclaimed during the last supper with bread and wine that symbolizes life.

How did Does Jesus become Christ? Revised 8-31-2020 

An angel announces the birth of Jesus through a woman called Mary with her husband, Joseph.

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