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Creations— Part I

The Chosen- Act of God: When God decided to create human in His likeness, it includes His essence that will remain a mystery to all His creations, and even the closest and faithful angel will not know that mystery, and only God holds that sacred secret.  We can seek His face (truth) but there is a boundary how far we can go that even the angel will not dare to dig to the bottom of it.

We can see His image and His likeness days and nights, though the power of His creations and the gift of imagination can help,   the truth might not be able to reach. Establishing a close and true relationship with Him may lead to revealing some revelations that are not revealed to many. Our spiritual relationship with Him as we struggle in our journey is to follow in obedience with His written word as we go along with our walk-in the spirit. We can only speak to Him through speaking with our mind dictated by a pure heart.

God used the power of His Word to create all living things and including things not revealed to anyone.  The dead souls were already revealed to us, how much more could He reveal to the living. Any negative thoughts will not produce profitable results that will only justify the flesh to its decaying end. God is a Spirit and His Word belongs to Him alone and no one else can hear except to whom He wants it to be heard. The power of His Word can make things to exist and His word will only come out from the mouth of His chosen ones.

The Spirit of God can be shared with whom He called, chosen, and elect as a partaker of His Divine nature and be part of the godhead we called the Trinity.  We must never use God’s name in vain by saying something outside of the truth. The Word of God must be treated with full respect and fear that violators will be chastised according to the effect of those violations.

We should represent God with respect and truthfulness and we must never claim that the words coming out of our mouth are from God when it is not.  God shows signs through visions, dreams, the wonder of nature, His written word, and through our thoughts during our silent hours with Him.  If we want to know that the message is coming from Him, we will be given the spirit of discernment.  When we are obedient to His commandments, we will never have a problem interpreting His messages. The Holy Spirit will guide us.

The only living soul directly created by God using His hand is Adam, the father of mankind, and no one else according to Scripture, and nothing should be added up to this knowledge and twist the truth because it was plainly written and literally revealed already to us.

Adam was the chosen man to represent God in the flesh, wherein the world was supposed to multiply and supply perfect living souls (populations), but was tarnished due to disobedience.

Death was the punishment for eating the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, and it did not occur immediately, but eventually did.  Adam did what was he commanded to do, to populate the world through him, and later met death.  From a dead soul to a living soul back to being a dead soul again; from dust the flesh it came, to dust, it will end. From dust we have been, to dust, we will be.

The mystery of life continued from Noah to Nineveh, tribes against tribes, nations against nations; it was the never-ending destruction of human lives perhaps caused by the first man’s disobedience.  According to the Scripture, the man was commanded to multiply and subdue it, but we overpopulated the earth which is a violation of not subduing it.  We can no longer blame this to the father of mankind—Adam. The Will and Purpose of God will go on. No one can stop it, except if God Himself said enough is enough.  God has a plan as He revealed in the book of revelation, which is to end human uncontrolled sins—Judgment.

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Bishop Joseph

Dr. Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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