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Acknowledge the One True God

Worship Part 10 – Worship is an acknowledgement of One True God

The uniqueness of being a Christian is our relationship with the Father and the Son and with the Holy Spirit of The Father, which is within us which makes us part of His heavenly realm. Without the presence of the third person, it will be incomplete and the perfection of God is His completeness and fullness.  It is a unique and unshaken revelation to those who believe that good gifts come from God.  

To those that still are consumed with doubt, they still need to work harder to have a pleasant relationship with Him who created us and his Son who cleanses us from sinful nature. It is so unique that we are sons of God the children of the highest.

Exodus 34:14 says—“Do not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.” Our perfection here on earth is made up of faith, hope, and love that makes it the bedrock of completeness, and with these three links together it will serve as the basis of our personal interaction with the LORD. Having personal relationships with the LORD involves communication through private prayer or with fellow believers in public worship, acknowledgment of His existence, His Lordship over all, and His Divine Nature.  

We can express our feelings with Him through music that will please Him but not just music that makes us dance, jump with joy and shout but with true love, true worship, and constant interaction through prayer.

If pushing to go beyond, then it is already an act of impressing the Father which is either the spirit of arrogance or prideful spirit.  I believe we will be out of bound if we try for more and it will be of no value. God is love and will not interfere with our Free Will.  Humans cannot exactly define what true love means and if we cannot define it, we cannot claim it. But God’s love is true and it means through revelation it is about His faithfulness that will never leave us nor forsake us.   

He keeps His promises and He is a great provider of our needs. Love is a feeling that our heart cannot hide from God. He knows the limited capacity we have and we can only go so far. Our love should have no limit when it comes to godly and truthful love but not to the extent that we will do it more than He does. We should avoid and be aware that we are not competing with God’s greatness. Even if it is not our intention but it might look like it in the human mind?

We can do all things possible to humans and claim our intimacy with God at the highest level.  It is still nothing without the spirit of humility and obedience to His Will. We are just like exercising for physical fitness and not spiritual. God is Spirit and we should express our worship in Spirit and we are to live in obedience to His commands which is the bottom line.

Deuteronomy 6:5 says, “Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.” We cannot only express our relationship by just opening our lips, we also have to do some actions so we may be able to encourage and get reactions for others to do the same. We are in the age of the kingdoms and the only way to strengthen the kingdom of God is by having more kings to come to God.  

The more we generate kingship, the faster the kingdom of Christ will be visible, but right now we are in the process of building and rebuilding the individual’s kingdom. We still need more effort conquering the kingdom of the lost souls and those that gave up their kingdom and become captive to vices and ungodly work.

During the church age, people who call on the name of the LORD took advantage of the grace that was offered even before the death of Christ. Christ is the grace of God.  He was sent by the Father and without His voluntary sacrifices that led to His death on the cross according to John 10 we are still in sinful nature.

Our assigned tasks are to make disciples and live in obedience to the commands of God and repay His sacrifices, spend time when we read God’s word in prayer day in and day out—1 John 3:24. When we continue reading God’s Word,  it will be quick to feel how great it is to be with Him, and as we go along with His word, we will understand and feel the blessings that is attached to it and may hear the voice of God talking to you through your thoughts.

Let our hearts speak to God with the help of our minds.

We have hidden skills regarding learning ability and meditation is one of them. All we need is to try to develop until we achieve the skill and use it.

Through meditation, we can be in the presence of God, side by side.

To start meditating we do it this way: need a quiet place and pray, ask, pause and talk and pause again and start with the image and the area you are surrounded with like birds singing, butterfly flying animals playing, all kind of things that will put you in an imaginative stage a trance. Everything is in the power of the mind.

All of us have this gift to meditate, some may need a guide to learn it. We can learn from the internet and also from others that have the skills. Worship service is the highest priority for the institutional church and also to the body of believers known to be the Body of Christ, the Church.  

Our involvement in worship through singing psalms, hymns, songs, prayers, gospels reading, and gaining knowledge of the Word through Sunday school or Bible Studies will eventually lead us to Spiritual maturity and transformation from our old nature, thus our character and attitude will become a new creation.

Our Spiritual gift if allowed by the leadership to be used and it will benefit the church and the Kingdom of God will be more available to access by those called by God.

The Bible can be considered a love letter from God and anyone who opposed this notion can just walk away so they can maintain what they already set in their mind. For others who still want to expand their knowledge may continue seeking until they arrive at the conclusion that they already have enough understanding of what they want to explore.

And to the remaining seekers who still want to acquire more knowledge and understanding and decide later if the new knowledge gives them the truth they are seeking, the truth that will answer their long-awaited questions.  

There are times that some people pursue to seek the truth but if they are not given that gift to proceed, regardless of how they strive to seek the truth, they will be unsuccessful.

Worship is to be directed to God alone.  

Anyone who fears God, an individual or group of individuals must be worshipping the true God.  Ignorance or lack of knowledge of the truth of God may lead to the wrong place of worship. The best way before we make any commitment is to observe first how they worship and to whom they direct their worship.

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