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Two Witnesses – Revelation

Two Witnesses- Part of the End Time Revelation

Who are the two witnesses in the book of Revelation?  What will they witness?  What are the qualifications that they are the chosen witness?  Why are their names not mentioned in the book of Revelation?  Did it already fulfill before the book of Revelation was written?  If it is already fulfilled, what is the idea?  What is the purpose of transfiguration?  Is it related to the two witnesses?  Why are some of the parts of Revelation cross-referenced with the Old Testament?  Did it already happen?

If it were Moses and Elijah who will be the witnesses, then this will be their third tour on earth.  If the appearance of Moses and Elijah is to witness the transfiguration of Jesus Christ, then the two witnesses prophesied has been fulfilled.  Back to the two witnesses in Revelation 11, without Moses and Elijah, the search and guessing continue.  If Moses and Elijah would still appear at this time as two witnesses in Revelation 11, then I am seeking for nothing!

The coming is open for many seekers for who will be the witnesses?  Witnesses are not mentioned in Revelation 11 so, we can still continue the guesswork.  We should just respect everyone’s opinion instead of being offensive or defensive to someone else’s opinion.  Let us just be calm and listen to possibilities in an honorable discussion that may reach a closer outcome of the truth.  When the time comes we might not even be around to know anyway.

The silence of Revelation 11 can also give us a clue why it was not named in the Bible or revealed earlier?  God gives mercy to which He wants to give mercy.  I believe it will be revealed at any time.  It could be one of us, someone known or unknown to us, could either be male or female.  Our view might not be good enough for others but they cannot judge it useless, irrelevant, or garbage if they are not even involved in seeking the missing link.

We are for God’s truth. I believe He already revealed it to His chosen ones.  We cannot judge the opinions as untrue because we are not the author that knows the outcome. We are under grace, and all opinions will be treated well unless it is with malice and proven to be with wrongful intention.

God did not fully reveal this End Time event but it is there written; because this is so important to Him.  He wants to find out if we care, because if we care we should start coming back to Him or even ask the Holy Spirit for help.  All opinions right now are open and not to be demeaned or mocked.

If we have a personal revelation from God that can help others to lift their spirit, share it; and be a blessing.  Sharing is caring and that is what the Holy Spirit wants us to be, that through us others may be blessed. 

If you are experiencing the joy while you are sharing the blessings you might also feel the joy that God feels. Through sharing sometimes it brings confirmation of things revealed.  Rejection does not mean failure; treat it as the other side of accomplishments. When they reject it because they already have their own understanding, then we already did our part.

The Holy Spirit works differently on humans according to their walk.  There are religious people, there are hard-headed individuals, and there are easy-going individuals, different cultures with different mindsets. The main thing is to let the Holy Spirit uses us and we will never be wrong.

As long as our hearts are longing for God’s love and guidance, with open ears to listen and a clear mind that is not distracted to something else we will achieve it.  To those who have their own understanding but open for corrections are good enough, as long as they have hearts willing to submit to God.

The Spirit works with our free will and will never interfere with our actions but the responsibility will be ours.  If we do not have open arms in accepting Him, and let Him do the work, it will be an insult.  We need to submit ourselves with trust and confidence that He will do the rest.

When our hearts shared the knowledge of the truth, consider it part of our stewardship; our mission blessed by the Holy One. When we neglect to share the truth it will come back as unfinished work that will later haunt you when your conscience starts to make a testimony of you.

The mystery in biblical understanding is an unexplained event or thing and no definite meaning known to humans or it will not be a mystery, unlike a secret that can be concealed but later on, it will be revealed.  Our work like many learned people before us did, that is why we are in the situation still seeking for something that has been revealed to them and ignored it.

Many come and go on this earth and many did not witness what was revealed to them during their time because of lack of interest, having a mindset not to accept any other doctrine and the unbelievers.  As life progresses we are now at this time where information is only a desktop away. We have to celebrate that we are part of the secrets that were unfolded and the identity of the two witnesses could be any of the three primary candidates in Revelation11.  Moses and Elijah whom we have mentioned above had already appeared in different scenarios and Enoch.

Why do we need to rush finding the truth, instead, let us just wait if it happens; it happens. What difference does it makes if we are still sinners that are doomed in darkness unless we call on the name of the True God and be blessed with His mercy and grace?

We need more prayers and with the help of the Holy Spirit, the witnesses might be revealed to us.  What is the significance of knowing it? Will there be any help if we know it? or will there be a reward? Maybe there is!

Since many are doing the guesswork, we might as well join them.  In the meantime before the guesswork, we have to ask the Holy Spirit if that is the right thing to do. Let the Holy Spirit guide us about this task.

In Revelation 5, Jesus is the only one qualified to open the book of life and even John the apostle and author of the book of Revelation is not worthy to open the book of life, so as the angels in heaven and even the faithful heroes listed in the book of Hebrews are not named to be witnesses either.  Then who will be?  Can we include Jesus the Son since his name is mentioned as a faithful witness and John the Baptist, his cousin who is a prophet, and baptized Jesus?  Both died a horrible death and both are prophets.

The revelation comes sometimes when you are less expecting it; dreams, signs and wonders, and the desire to spread the good news of the kingdom that will be ruled by the kings and priests.

Many interpretations by learned individuals could be right, or close to be right, but not enough to declare them a 100% right.

Moses and Elijah are seen as possibilities to be the two witnesses and they base this notion to the power of this two-man of God.  However, it makes me wonder because the two had a different ending on earth; Moses saw death while Elijah was taken by a chariot and horses of fire and lifted up, and his body was never seen anymore.

If the witnesses will be before and after their earthly lives; the question is; how can they witness something that they did not see?  Weren’t they already dead when people they would be going to witness have never been born yet, not existing before and during their time?  How will they know their good and bad deeds? They will end up as false witnesses which are a sin. Disobedience to God’s command is a sin; therefore it is a disqualifier because disobedience took the unfaithfulness out of contention.  God had said that Moses would not enter the Promised Land and he never did and died.

Elijah heard the threat of Jezebel, wife of King Ahab, and known for killing God’s prophets, instead of trusting God’s power he fled for his life.  Not trusting God is a disqualifier! 

Enoch, who walked with God and son of Cain who sinned against God by killing his brother Abel; Enoch with inherited sin can also be subjected to scrutiny.  Is this a disqualifier to be one of the two witnesses?

All possible great men of God can be the witnesses but they were still men cloth with weaknesses.  Since sins made men imperfect, this could totally disqualify all men to be a witness. As revealed in revelation 11— the measurement as many interpretations falls to a physical structure and not the measurement of faith which is unseen and that alone has been neglected to be considered.

God is more interested in His people to come back to Him, not the sacrificial offering that doesn’t please Him, but the heart in submission and the acknowledgment of His existence.  The temple has long been replaced by the church and now it is the kingdom that replaces the church and it was taught by the Son of God. The kingdom is here now.

This generation and generation to come will be the kingdom of God, the domain that will be the reward through obedience and already awarded to the chosen ones, and the only missing is to seek the kingdom and His righteousness and everything will be discerned to them. Remember that if you are no longer in fear that the dark world used as weapons to shake your mind, then you are free from the shadow of fear.

Those who accepted the kingdom will be the king of his own domain here on earth. The kingdom to be ruled by kings who give provisions while the church is ruled by the priests who intercede between God and men. This works perfectly in conjunction with the wisdom of God.  Everyone was given a chance but the measurements of eligibilities show that no one will pass the standard of God to be a witness.

No one qualifies to be witnesses, due to the imperfection of humans,  bodies, and souls. God is just and wise and the essential knowledge of Him is already shared within the partakers (chosen ones) of His divine nature (Holy Spirit).

“Whom will he teach knowledge? And whom will he make to understand the message? Those just weaned from milk? Those just drawn from the breasts? 10 For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept, Line upon line, line upon line, Here a little, there a little.”—Isaiah. 28:9-10 NJKV

God says in Hosea, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you”—Hosea- 4:6.

“Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31.

Let the light shine brighter before men, that they may see the good works of your hands, and glorify the Father in all the heavens. Understanding God’s glory is giving honor to His Son being a savior. Maybe through him (Son), the world may be saved, and he did. 

Bishop Joseph

Dr. Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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