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Why unfortunate things is happening?

Why unfortunate things are happening?

Sometimes, we wonder why things are happening, good or bad, favorable and unfavorable to the world and us. Is it probably an act of nature due to human behavior of not taking care of God’s entrusted dwelling place? In a human-standard way of thinking,   some may say that nature does not possess consciousness because it only exists in the brains of highly created beings. If the answer is a human being, let us swing this narrative with the involvement of the Bible, the only written evidence we can present, and dig deeper for an answer.

We must bring the days of creation to the table since this subject is more on two schools of thought. So let us begin talking about creation as the Bible says humans were created in God’s image and entrusted to maintain the Earth. Although God did not say that we are the highest form of created beings, being created in His image and likeness is one viewpoint of the importance of humanity to God. Second, God gave complete authority over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, the cattle, and the entire Earth to sustain it, and God entrusted everything that creeps and crawls on the Earth.

Though we do not have the physical appearance of God, since God is a Spirit, we do not possess all the same personality and moral character as our Creator. From perfection to perfect imperfection, humans turned after the sin in the garden when the age of ignorance was taken advantage of by lies and deception by God’s adversary—the perfect imperfections of humanity become vulnerable to corruption and doomed to make mistakes. Why God allows this to happen is beyond our comprehension to know. God works in mysterious ways, and His thinking is unreachable; if this is part of His plan, we are advised to seek the truth, and He is transparent about what would happen when we continue doing things against His will.

The Bible states that we are lower than the angels are; even a little lower, we still lack faithfulness to God’s word. We continue to sin and waste God’s grace to the limits. Imagine we are declared royal priests and God’s very own possession. In return, we must share God’s goodness to bless others. When we are a blessing to others, God will bless us too. He called us out from the darkness and brought us into his marvelous light. What more could we ask when we have God with us, as we have more than enough to cherish and be glad?

God is love, and whatever it takes, His love will never leave us; God gave us full of mercy, but what did we do? We abuse the mercy of forgiveness, committing sins repeatedly and ignoring the gift of grace that defines who and how we are in today’s relationship with God. When God sends good news, we have to call for a celebration; thus, for every good news, there is forgiveness, and for every forgiveness, God reminds us to look after the world that God has created for us to enjoy. If we do not act, what good is the good news?

Earth is the only habitat that the generation after us has to live and now it is being destroyed due to greed, corruption of many kinds, and godless people ruling with the intent to control God’s people. Our only chance to survive the foreseeable judgment is to confess our shortcomings and declare God is our all in all with complete submission, saying, “Here I am, LORD Almighty, use me.” Nevertheless, remember, these words are offensive to those who want to rule their kingdom (family) apart from God’s word. Your awareness will save you from physical harm and may strengthen your spirit to be more vigilant and avoid encounters with unbelievers. Violence will defeat the purpose of the greatest commandments.

Why does God allow bad things to happen, even to good people? Reread this article and meditate on it. God bless those who bless you.

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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