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The Wicked, The Atheists and the Believers: Psalm 10:1-11

The wicked, the ignorant, and the arrogant are the type of person who, with a lack of knowledge, makes him proudly claim that he exists because of fleshly desire, not by God’s design or creation. He doesn’t admit that  God exists, and although his soul cries for help, the flesh continues to dominate the desires of human nature and continuously ignores the command to multiply and subdue it. As a result, humans overpopulate the earth, and life is slowly draining to nothing because of diseases, war, racial discontent, power-grabbing, love of money, and sexual desires, all wicked deeds. Every day, evil is thought to become the usual way of life. Through social media and paid media, trolls are spreading misinformation and fake news, which results in confusion and misunderstanding of what is going on, thus making life darker.

These people do not have God in their thoughts and see no accountability to God. They believe they do not need God and even deny God’s existence. If a person denies the existence of God, he rejects the reward of eternal joy and disregards living a holy and godly life. If a person thinks there is no need to fear God, then there is no reason to value human life, which will lead to prey for the poor and abuse the weak for their gain, and it could also lead to the survival of the fittest. Everything will be out of control because God will not interfere with human free will.

If no God controls the beauty of life, everything will be in chaos. Therefore, everyone will be on their own in part or

whole unless you call the name of the LORD; no more Son will be sent to reconcile us back to Him. Therefore, we have to do it on our own.

The wicked person follows the Devil’s command and who (Devil) tries unsuccessfully to be equal to God’s throne. The wicked person places himself in the bottomless pit, to the kingdom where the followers are deprived of lights and sleep unless they do evil things.   

Many who deny God’s existence are not denied successful endeavors and intelligence, and why is it like that? God’s designs are good, to begin with, and everyone has their talent and free will, which can be used to be closer to Him.  Be as it may, when a person claims that there is no God, it makes that person foolish and positions himself in line with the wicked, a choice afar from righteous workers. A foolish worker who says in his heart there is no God is a diabolical, disgusting, and corrupt person that belongs to the father of lies, and there is no presence of lights in their heart and mind.

When the fool says there is no God in his heart, it means an outright proclamation of the separation from God. The atheists can co-exist with the believers without insulting God and His followers and should not feel free to mock the faithful. Sometimes it is the other way around because the followers of God become more aggressive. We should take advantage to embrace that either we are learned or unlearned believers of God. Atheists will not do us any harm; the wicked do.

God used the unbelievers to measure our patience, resilience, and faithfulness and expected us humbly to play with the music. We cannot force anyone to believe, but we can show them how God makes us joyful and welcoming human beings. An atheist person can be wicked, but not all atheists are. The wicked can be easily distinguished, for they love doing bad things and are against human existence because they are arrogant, greedy, selfish, corrupt, and insulters of God. It may seem that God ignores the character and deeds of the wicked, it only seems that way, but He does not. Sometimes we witness the consequences of their actions, but sometimes punishment happens without our presence.

God is all in all.

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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