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Sabbath or Sunday Worship Part 11 Series

Religion and the Sabbath or Sunday Worship Part 11: The Trinity

Let us be reminded once and for all that Christ is at the right hand of the Father and watching us from above. Jesus Christ sees how are we managing the kingdom that him and the Father entrusted to us, and how we are developing our relationship with the Spirit that he requested from the Father to dwell in us. The significance of the Spirit dwelling within us is the one that made us one with the Father and the Son.

The Theologians are one of the groups of people who study  God’s involvement with humans’ affairs. God’s wholeness and richness, His provision, power, and might which most of us may have already known.  They also are involved in the interpretation of the word of God; may have the answer about the purpose of life, why there are poor and there are rich. These Theologians as we are told, sleep with the Bible on their chest, fair and square and not bias with their teachings.

Am I seeing these things right on my lenses or just because I was told by someone more in advanced age than me. Some of these Theologians have had a collection of the complete volume of these early church fathers. So when they say that God is one being but three distinct people, that is what they are going to teach us.  We believed and we passed it on to family, relatives, and friends without examining the truth.  However, that had happened before, but because of the presence of the kingdom within us, the opinion of church leaders of yesteryears could no longer be as strong as of today.

What would had happened when the Trinity becomes an exclusive doctrine of the largest religion on earth?  They probably have all the power, influence,  but it did not happen. It could be the work of the Holy Spirit that for centuries they missed it, and it will stay that way. God wants the faithful to continue seeking His face and He reveals some hidden treasure in His word better than silver and gold. The doctrine of the Trinity is a hard sell because it cannot be seen from the lens of the eyes as it is written. God said in John 3:16 if God wants to reveal it to you, it is yours to see it, or maybe you already have seen it but your awareness is not there yet.

Jesus in John chapter 10 mentioned it in detail and many did not get it and still don’t get it.   If the Trinity is not worth believing, how about the word Bible which is not also written, but we believe every single word in it.  We do not need to argue what to be believed and what not. God will do His way when the ambiguity of our mind can not read it nor understands it. Sometimes it is hard to believe the truth but it is right there in front of our eyes, on our bookshelf, on our desk, in our bedroom, and even in the bathroom. All we need is wisdom from God and He will clear the way to have an understanding of His message. 

Sometimes God will show His message through signs and wonders and that are not written in the Bible.  How will you take it?  There are many signs on the highway about scriptures taken from the Bible, some a reminder to pray, big concrete cross displayed on the highway, radio, TV.  There are many ways that God can use to remind us that we must not ignore, because without the awareness, we will be like Habakkuk who kept praying and asking God for help when the answer was already given and was just in front of him. 

John 3:16 is almost the center of our doctrinal view on salvation and in it the revelation of the Trinity. We have God, We have the Son and the believers all in one verse.  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

Many professing Christians think they are already equipped with knowledge and understanding of the Bible and yet they missed this one. Sometimes it is simply written and yet it is harder to understand. God instructed us to believe, that He loves us and Christ died for our sins and through him, we were born again, which should lead us to be inspired and encouraged to love God more than ourselves and to love our neighbors with the love of the Lord.

God is all in all,

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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