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Catholic Experience

When we were young, we were very active in attending the Legion of Mary’s Sunday school with Sister Ella—a kind-hearted, soft-spoken, and charming individual to all of us. One Sunday, an announcement broke our eardrum that the Sunday School would not continue without a given reason. We were kids and did not bother to ask why. Until we heard, I forgot who said she was getting married. As we grew older and became high schoolers, we joined the SCA, a Catholic action group, and we represented the school in many social events. As I remember, no one led us to a prayer or teach us how to pray. It is just like an extra-curricular activity. When we went to Sunday mass, I still remember the mass was still in Latin. Who knows what the priest said, but we feel blessed; that is what matters.

My friend Jordan Techico sponsored me to join a Cursillista, an Apostolic Movement of the Roman Catholic Church, a trend in the 70s, and I needed someone with money to sponsor to get in. That is how it works: money talks, even if it involves developing your faith with a focus on spiritual matters and the importance of our actions to keep Christ in our lives. It is a renewal of the Christian spirit—a restoration of faith, hope, and love. After we finished our three nights and two days of revival, a Total of 72 hours, they told us to join our local parish church, and the priest would continue to follow up on our newfound deliverance. We went to the church to tell the local church leaders we were new Cursillo members (Cursillistas) reporting to learn and enhance our knowledge about Catholicism. We are the new breed, proudly told them. We were on fire. Then came the disappointing, if not annoying part. The priest has no time, and the 2nd time is still the same up to the third time, not even showing his face. And we finally accepted the rejection, which is a splash of cold water on our bodies.

Being a Catholic for many decades, I never learned anything nor understood what the priests were saying compared to less than a year in a Born Again (Evangelical Christian) church. I also learned to read and carry the Bible to Sunday service. To move forward, I moved on, not kissing the statue of the saints, wiping the feet with a handkerchief, lighting a candle by putting coins and laying flowers, and praying to the statue, which is unbiblical. Being a faithful Christian is different from being a Christian. Christians have many ways of identifying themselves. The rule of thumb is if it is not in the Bible, we shouldn’t even talk about it because it will lead only to arguments. Do not lose the passion for the LORD and compassion for man. Pray and feel the presence of God in our lives. He is always near us. God Bless.

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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