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Living Life – The Key to Heaven

Living Life – The Key to Heaven

Paul claimed that his revelation came from Jesus, while the revelation of John came from God through the angel sent by Jesus as per instructions from the Father.  It is like,  Jesus became a Savior because He was sent by the supreme Savior.  Even in the human term, we take orders from someone with a higher rank or more superior than us.  Our parents are one good example that we obey them because of respect due to them, likewise to our older siblings.  Are you being confused when Paul said, not listen to the other Jesus that they ( apostles) preached, but to the Jesus that he (Paul) proclaimed?  This brought many believers to ask how many Jesus were there to be believed at.  Did Paul feel competition in losing his ground?  What was the situation at that time? Did Paul feel some sort of insecurity?

When Paul wrote his revelation from Jesus Christ no one questioned him even the apostles of Jesus Christ.  Either the apostles were afraid of him being known as the man of authority and persecutor of the followers of Jesus,  or they did not care and just mind their own business.  When we claim that we are matured in our religious life and we know what is right and wrong, good and evil, then it’s a closed-door issue.  Do we still have to bother them and insist on our belief with them, or continue sharing the word of God in a friendly atmosphere without touching anything about religion?

We should be open-minded to any kind of conversation.  Nothing is going to happen except if our time is really important and using our time for something that we are sensitive to is a waste of time.  What the others believe is what they believe and they are very comfortable with it.  However,  we come invading their comfort zone which sometimes creates a big impact not believing in whatever we say just to get rid of us quickly.

In this world, we deal with so many challenges and Paul as well as the Apostles of Jesus Christ had to deal with it.  There are three popular groups trying to convert unbelievers to their newfound faith base teachings.  These are the Apostles who continued the teachings of Jesus Christ, Paul who taught about his own revelations and 3rd, is the Judaism believers who are ministering the Oneness of God rejecting God in human form (Christians’ belief).  We must know where we must position ourselves and this is of utmost importance. By doing so, we have to know who we are.  Are we priests (church) who intercede between God and men,  or are we kings (kingdom) that provide the wisdom of God.  If we are both priests and kings then we have the authority to access God’s holy of holies to intercede, but if we are kings, we are in control of the subjects in our domain.

 We are a confused generation when it comes to our spirituality and we are better off that the religion did not exist.  Therefore, we will not be confused with many teachings and would have just lived by our traditions. There are three anointed people in the Bible: the kings, the priests, and the prophets and there are also three kinds of people in the Bible:  the Jews, the Gentiles, and the believers.  Additionally, there are also 3 groups of believers:  Believers in God, believers in Jesus only, and non-believers. These alone is more than enough to get confused. When we make a deeper consultation with our conscience, we may discover a treasure never known to us.  If we find who we are and believe it, we may have fewer worries.

 Many Evangelical Christians talk about persecution without examining if they are talking about themselves.  We are prone to being judgmental.  When a group of believers is a little different from us, we suddenly have comments like, “ those are people that believe that Jesus is a prophet, those are the people that believe that Jesus is the Creator God, those are believers of One True God-the Father, those that do not believe in God at all”,  and many more to mention and I leave it up to you. What I mean that some may be able to judge them as a cult.  With that being said, some atheists have many things to say and they look and feel better than us.

How does it sound like when our ears reject to listen from the sounds coming from the mouth of the Protestants, Pagans, Mormons, Adventist, Latter-Day Saints, and many more?  Isn’t it a rejection to them as equally existing?  That’s how many of us are formed by being overconfident with our religion which sometimes falls in arrogance which God actually hates. How can we be certain that we have the true religion?  Isn’t it that the foundation of every religion is faith?  As the Bible said, that without faith, we cannot please God.  Nobody can ascertain the real truth.  What we have learned before was the root of what we are learning today and have been progressively growing.  There was no awareness that they received the unblemished passages.

The passages in the Scripture had been controlled and manipulated by the early believers to satisfy their desire; to control the mind of those people that accepted their religion and to become part of those people’s lives. This made these believers to get rooted in the first teachings and to uproot it is another segment of our religious journey in our spiritual walk of life.  It is a challenge,  but we have to make a decision to fight that fear and we must believe that nothing is going to happen when we accepted in our hearts the enlightened truth. 

Either we are inside the Christian religion or outside, we should respect each other’s belief system.  We should accept that we are all inhabitants and must live in love and peace disregarding the color and appearance of our bodies.  We must use the space that Mother Earth provides for us without prejudice so we may do the same.  We are all going back to dust without exceptions and that is the assurance of our physical existence.  Our spirituality will only have its end after we expire but beyond that, the decision is in God’s hands.  Mankind began with God and will end with God.  God is the only Father and Judge who will judge us how we handled our mission with this borrowed body.  Take care of our souls because it will lead us to have a glorified body. God Bless!

Bishop Joseph

Dr. Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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