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Living in Ignorance

Living in ignorance is living in darkness, acquiring a deceptive belief, embracing the promises that will never come and if it may, it is only by chance. The hope of prosperity, happiness, and living after this life remains to be the weapons to lure us deeper into the world of make-belief.  

We are living in this world of excruciating, violent, and awkward state of pretenses.

Cult, occult, and other religions are all made by man in conjunction with fear and falsehood. No one with an enlightened state of mind will fall into these pretenses if not for an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something will likely cause pain. It is given, that the strength of our mind defeats the passion of our hearts. We do not use our capacity to act and react to falsehood and to avoid confrontation is a mistake and becomes more vulnerable to false teachings.

We can live this coming year without fear if we apply the power of our mind to focus on seeking the one true meaning of what we believe.  We can start looking at the writings and experiences of those people that lived before us and the people now living in our time.  We have to educate ourselves or be dependent on someone we know that will not put the belief system of our souls in peril.

 When we learn to find the wonder of truths that sometimes is hard to find with friends, through self-enlightenment, we can free ourselves from the bondage of fear, and feel the freedom that there is more life to live behind the knowledge of love.  How incredible it is to live our lives and root them deep into our hearts that love is something but not everything.  Without the truth in existence love sometimes could mean danger.

We can talk about love that we learned from the Bible, home, school, from work and community, the Love we experienced from our family, relatives, and friends it may be a never-ending conversation and still never find where true love begins and where it will end and how it will end.   

Is it before the creation of mankind, which is God? Could it be in the Garden of Eden?  The sense of feeling at home and outside the home? The point is love can grow everywhere and can be found or felt anywhere and can be expected at the very least.

Our question here is what is love behind the veil? Is love greater than truth? When we lie to our tongue is that love? Love can come and go but the Spirit of truth stays.

When we place love above all things we may be lost in our intention to be loved and may result to a failed expectation and be more coercive in the eyes of the receiving end, and its outcome may be fruitless.  Love grows where you aimed it to grow. We can express love to the plants and flowers by watering and feeding them and we can express love to our pets by feeding and taking care of them as well.  

However, all of these are not love in the true sense at all; we like doing those things because in return they give us enjoyment and satisfaction. Love doesn’t use someone, something, or anything for benefiting oneself, it is not a possession but a deep affection.

It is always better to give ways to love, for love is godlikeness and it is the greatest we can share in this troubled world which is full of hatred, greed, and envy.  These are not the nature of God.  He did not love us for hatred to exist.  He gave us enough to survive on this earth but we ask for more than enough. He gave us faith and work to achieve it but we only want faith without exertion and we envy the faithful that works and is successful.

The greatest nature of God is the Truth.  We can profess love all throughout the world, evangelize the world by foot, or by air from A to Z that God is love and love is God is just a vain acquisition of learning and no bearing at all to be considered as part of His governmental rule in the Kingdom. It will just be like a spinning wheel that keeps going around and have no end; like a straight line that has a beginning but infinite ending and a 90 degrees angle that split direction which could either lead us to go forward, go left or right, go backward that sometimes may lead to confusion.

The Truth is all about God.

The truth about His commandments, His truth about love, the truth about fellowshipping (church), the truth about His Word, the truth about His children whom we are claiming to be, Do we have the right to claim that?  

Most of all He is the true Father, our Father the Almighty God, who with His true love and faithfulness to men, sent his Son Jesus Christ to redeem our sins.  No one can claim in His likeness after the fall of men, and not after you know Him better in His fullness and wholeness.  No one can claim He is the Father not unless we know who is coming to solve the problem of His children.  

No one can claim He is the Father not unless we acknowledge the truth about the work of our redemption and most of all we can only claim the Father, our Father if we will start ruling this earth with Jesus Christ the way, the truth and the life about the Father’s kingdom. Let His Holiness reign in our hearts so we can reign and be blessings to others and that others help spread the Kingdom of God. Let us proclaim the Truth about God and His government to come and leave peacefully ever after.

Jesus said; “Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live.” John 14:19

When we accept the Son as our Lord and Savior, we become partakers of the divine nature of God. 2Peter 1:4.May the Spirit of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit be with us.

God is Truth.

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