Savior Series

Introduction to Savior Series

Who is the Savior? Is it The Son Jesus or God the Father?

There are Scriptures that clearly prove that the Almighty God is our Savior, but there are also Scriptures that prove that Jesus Christ is a Savior.  Who actually is our savior?  Is it Jesus Christ who has been known among Christians?  Or, is it the Almighty God the Father who most of the time is forgotten in Church services?  Could the name Jesus also proves who the Savior is?  Jesus means God saves, God rescue and God delivers.  Is this enough to know the answer?  God is good and God is great!  He will never confuse us; He is the God of order and not of confusion.

When we are asked with those questions, maybe it will not take much time to respond because by heart we already have the answer.  However, when we hear that Jesus is not the Savior, maybe our eyebrow may lift up which is a sign of disagreement.  Perhaps when you first heard it, it didn’t bother you; maybe it means that you are part of the Chosen, or maybe you already have the revelation beforehand.   Enlightenment can surely bring joy to our hearts.  We are seekers of truth.  As a saying goes that the truth will set us free from any false teachings.  

Part 1 God Almighty-The Savior

Part 2 Lord Jesus Christ- A Savior

Part 3 God Almighty and Lord Jesus

If you hear this news, it could be a sign that you are being called and yet you are ignoring it.  Maybe it’s not because you are ignoring it but perhaps there is something that is burdensome to carry on.   It could be fear to leave the old belief, the spirit of fear that is overcoming you and you find it difficult to make adjustments in the new situation.   With years of practicing the old belief, the new one will take a while especially when you are used to praying with Jesus’ name at the end of a prayer and when talking about the sacrificial blood that redeemed the sins of the world with salvation through Jesus.  The old cannot be easily overtaken.

If the truth is just walking into your heart are you going to close the door?  How about if it is a revelation of things that many are waiting for?  Are you just letting the opportunity that knocks to go away?  We may have fear and that is always present, but by faith, you can win it.   You are not being forced to change your belief to something else, but you are just enhancing it.  How can you fight fear without losing the battle?  1st, equip yourself with the word of God; 2nd, Enhance your knowledge with the word of God by attending Bible studies given by your local church; 3rd, Sunday School is a great program to attend to also.  Anything that you can achieve for your spiritual growth goes for it.

Bishop Joseph

Dr. Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus
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