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I Am A Living Soul

Part 1 – Who am I? Who are we? We are Souls! Are we?

We are living souls with a borrowed body from the earth’s dust and will return it to the lender in due time. That is what we are; a living soul that never forgets that it is not ours to keep or forget when we borrow something. We are here to accomplish a mission of cleansing the lost soul or souls we represent. Our body is made up of dust while our souls are made up of trillions of cells, and from these cells, just one dot can bring us to a new life (this is a big topic that needs understanding and its place to be fully enlightened, Scientifically and spiritually).

Our Spirit, upon passing through the process of sanctification, will be a Spirit that will be with God who gave it. Imagine our souls will turn to Spirit. We might not be able to understand it right now without basing this personal experience on any written books, testimonies, or witnesses, but did we question Paul of his personal revelation? So many souls may get lost for lack of proper knowledge. I do not know how many souls we could bring to eternity, but we are here today to please God, which is His delight. That is our mission, and there is a corresponding decision for every mission.

What good will it give you if you plan to keep it to yourself after reading this article? Then later, decide to ask somebody else’s opinion, which in the end may give you a response that is not in line with what you want to hear or make you more confused. The best thing in a situation like this is to be like the Bereans. When they hear something new, they open their Bible or discuss it among themselves to seek the truth or possible truth of what they heard. What good would it do to you if the response you believe came out false? Believe in yourself and believe in God; go to your secret room where you always talk to Him heart to heart and open your concern, and you may hear his voice talking to you.

Nowadays, with so many denominations and different teachings, we are confused or denied the truth. So be aware there are many devoured souls, but there are also that who can be trusted.

There were times when hardship entered our lives, and without a second thought, we blamed our parents for bringing us into this troubled world. Not even considering that our parents can get hurt by our actions. The truth is that our parents didn’t even know more about us or what would come out of us. We were all born and raised differently, with different cultures and situations; born with a golden spoon, spiritual parents, and loving and caring families. All of these come with blessings; God knows us before we were born; Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, who formed you from the womb: “I am the Lord, who made all things,    who alone stretched out the heavens, who spread out the earth by myself,” Isaiah 44:24

Have you ever thanked your parents for your existence? Unfortunately, there are more regrets about being in this world than thankful, and acknowledgments are out of the picture. I have not seen any survey being done in this regard. How many of us thank our parents for bringing us here on earth? How many of us thank them for our luxurious life? We forget all of these until we find God, the giver of life, and realize that life is worth being thankful for.

We are born with a purpose; our existence can be joyful and challenging. However, everyone has their weight to carry. Lightweight or heavyweight, we never know. There are rich people, and there are poor; there are born talented, and there are struggling to have talents. Why is that so? Why do we need to be lucky to have all the plusses? It is hard to figure out, but we can seek this mystery. For now, the purpose of life is to be with God to regain the lost paradise and the perfection that was taken away due to poor judgment by the first Adam in the Garden.

Why does the sun go on shining? Why is there a time that it shines up early, and there is a season that it goes down late? So as the moon does its job to light the night and call it a time to calm down that the day is over and get our body ready for another day. We can be the sun and the moon; we can even be a fish in the ocean, a wild beast in the jungle, trees in the forest, flowers in the Garden, and birds and bugs that give joy and harm. They are things and animals, but we do not exist the way they are. We have a mind to be mindful, eyes to perceive, ears to hear, the sense of smell and taste, and the feeling to love and be loved; we know right and wrong; we understand the meaning of life and that we need one another to survive as there is no man is an island.

We are all here sharing the space given to us by mother earth, and we have one thing that differs from those creations. We claim that we have the wisdom of God. If we accept God’s good work and follow the commandment of love, which means more than what we thought it was, it is well understood that we acknowledge God’s existence. God created this earth for us to live in, inhabit, and take good care of. But, unfortunately, we did not do well as we broke all the rules.

Have you tried to look at the mirror and ask when you see your reflection? Is this the image that God looks like? The Bible said that we are created in God’s image and likeness; many still do not understand what it means. It is because they do not know who they are and what they are. It is the comfort zone to be like Him both in image and likeness. The first thing we have to look back on is what happened in the Garden when Adam fell in transgression. We have learned that all God’s creations were good, to begin with, meaning all were formed, made, and created perfect, and it was perfect.

There is no doubt in my mind that if we are given a chance to live a luxurious lifestyle without a second, the sense of joy in our bodies will be quick to feel it. The same thing as if somebody tells you that you won the lottery. With the same reaction, the body will be filled with joy. Are you still going back in front of the mirror and asking again who you are and what you are? Or, you will put everything on hold and enjoy the life you are living with. In doing so, do you realize that you already fell in love with yourself more than just taking care of it?

We started to dream a little dream and hope a little hope, and there is no exception whether you are rich or poor. Dreaming is a delight; it gives us hope and strengthens our desire to improve our lives. There is nothing new under the sun and nothing impossible when we submit our dream to God. Did you ever submit your dream to God or your dream because you had spare time to do it? If we are serious about a dream, it is more than setting a goal. It involves time with God. Nothing is impossible when we involve God’s plan to meet our goals. The Scripture clearly states that if God is in you, no one can be against you. He knows what we want and need, yet He says to ask and say it to Him. Once we know who we are, we will know Him better.

God created humans with unique characteristics, and being unique makes us special. Adam and Eve were unique during the time of innocence because they were the first created beings that met and fellowshipped with God face to face. God called Abraham His friend.   Abraham became unique by being the Father of many nations. David’s sins did not stop God from His plan that the Son would come from his lineage. Moses received instructions from God and the Ten Commandments to be followed by his people, who at that time were worshipping idols. When grace poured upon the earth during the baptism of Jesus Christ, God’s voice came from the heavens and uttered, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.” Through the Son, we learned that we are children of God. Will it is not unique through the work of Jesus? First, we are reconciled to the Father, and our identity becomes much more vital later. We are one of the many sons of the Father.

Jesus walked on this earth with a mission that through Him, the world may be saved; likewise, God said, “whoever believes in Him will not perish but have an everlasting life,” and that is a promise that made us unique in the eyes of God and the Son. However, God also designed us to have contentment in our hearts and souls and certainties of things to come. Our identity in Christ somehow made us unique because we are loved by Him, redeemed and reformed by the Father, and the Holy Spirit has renewed our Spirit. We are unique because the Holy Spirit within us gave us the right to be part of the family of God.

The assurance of adoption to sonship is through Jesus Christ by His pleasure and will. As sons of the highest, we should love one another to bring praise to God. With power and authority, Christ brought us to wholeness and fullness. With this unity with the Lord’s Spirit, we are no longer slaves to sin.

Called, chosen, or elect, we are one Christian family, male and female, and each one of us is part of the body of Christ. God created humanity in His image with unique characteristics, behavior, and attitude. We are God’s possession that was put under His wings. No race, no gender, no age limit; we are all one body saved from the power of sin. We are removed from the slavery of sin, from sin to being sinless to become the temple of the Holy Spirit. We don’t even deserve the gift from God, but God’s steadfastness and kindness and His unconditional love made it happen, and in return, we should praise and honor God through our body as a living sacrifice.

We are dead to sin and have been raised with Christ to be in the perfect body as our hearts are prepared for everlasting joy with the LORD. Our hearts must be willing and willfully ready for the things above to make it through the process of salvation. The saving grace is in progress as God listens to the testimony of our soul, but then again, He looks into our hearts to see if we are ready to leave the promises of luxurious living offered by the actors on the other side. We should know by now who we are and what we are. Why are we here today and gone tomorrow? We are here on a brief visit; our home is where God is. We are in the process of sanctification of our souls.

All have sinned and are short for the glory of God. How can we make it through this process? Our body, which is flesh, will surely turn to dust, and the soul that sinned dies, and this dust will join the dirt of the earth and wait until the body is available to be born again. This could be the process of resurrection, reincarnation, and who knows what the third would be, if there is one. We should listen to the teachings of Jesus, especially when He said without hesitation that we could all be God and without an understanding of those itchy ears caused Jesus to die, accusing him of claiming to be God. 

I interpret what Jesus said as we could all be good like God. He said about the goodness of God. We are created in His image and likeness; therefore, we must be good. God is LORD, and He has that supreme title, a supreme being that can make things a thing and no one else besides Him. Jesus the Son is our 2nd and last Adam, our brethren, our Lord, the Lord of lords, and Kings of kings. To be part of the Godhead, we must know ourselves first and foremost and be called the Lord.

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