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God of Order and Beauty


This website contains excerpts from The Bible, which was written and translated by religious scholars centuries ago. The Bible is a universal book; we can also call it The Book of Books. Whoever reads and embraces the teaching of Jesus Christ and is obedient to the word of God will be blessed.

What would it be today if Christ had not come?

What would it be if the apostles did not continue to preach the word of God after His death?

What would happen if the apostles’ disciples did not follow Jesus Christ’s teachings all the way?

What would it be if all of us living in this kingdom had no faith in God’s existence? Is it not a disaster, a tragic loss to humanity?

God will not let this happen, for God is a God of order and beauty. Order for his laws for us to obey and beauty for prosperity.

He is predictable, orderly, and compassionate. He has no surprises; all his words are written for all to understand. He does not lie and will give us what we ask.

Man is God’s most fantastic creation. The truth of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is the foundation of that creation, and we must love it as God does.

We are God’s creation in His image and likeness, and we are to find our place in life, health, wealth, and society. We can achieve all those by letting Him do it in His way, not our way.

People are being helped, educated, and protected because we are God’s workmanship.

Blessed are those who have in life and share it with the poor, for the poor are more vulnerable to temptations.

Israelites are God’s chosen servants, as written in the Old Testament, and in the New Testament, we are all children of God. Now, Jews and non-Jews must unite and pay gratitude to God. As children of God, our faith and obedience to His commandments are our passports to His fantastic kingdom. Repent now and be Born Again in unity with the Holy Spirit; a fruitful harvest is coming, and that is our salvation.

Ferdinand Magellan rediscovered The Philippines not by accident but by God’s way. His galleon met a severe storm in the sea while looking for spices. He was pushed by ravaging waves and landed on the Island of Mactan, geographically located in the southern Philippines. The inhabitants welcomed him to the fullest extent of hospitality; after the feast, Magellan declared the island part of Spain, raised his left hand with a cross and sword in his right hand, and said either you embrace Christianity or face death. The rest is history.

Magellan was brought to the Philippines to spread Christianity. At the time, the Philippines was the only Christian country in Southeast Asia.

What would it be like if Magellan had not come to the Philippines? Is it a calling that he survived the ravaging sea storm to introduce Christianity in that part of the world? Are Filipinos chosen children of God? That He made it His way for Filipinos to be Christian. Would this story stand that God Exists? Does this enlighten and illuminate the faith in God? May you preach His word. God loves all His children to obey His word. Our God is faithful, and faith is the unseen evidence of things.

Romans 1:17: “For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as in the Bible, the just shall live by faith.”

Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph Vitug, Ph.D. - Bishop Emeritus

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